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Itahisa Barrios

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Greece

This is a beautiful place to visit!
First we are going to visit Athens, that is the capital of Greece and the most important city of the country.
In Athens there are a lot of hills, so let's see!
The main are:

The Acropolis of Athens, the "sacred rock" is a plateau at 156 meters above sea level, which contains the most famous monuments of ancient Greece:
The Parthenon
The Erechtheion
The Propylaea
The Temple of Athena Nike
The visit to the Acropolis is a unique experience, a must for any traveler passing through Athens.
But no problem! In the city there are:
Athens has one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe.
The Temple of Olympian Zeus, also known as "Olimpeion" is located about 500 meters southeast of the Acropolis.
The agora is part of the walk through the pedestrian zone of Athens.
Now, we are go to learn something about the Piraeus...
From Piraeus depart all boats that link Athens with of the Aegean Sea islands.
Well, now let's know more about some fantastic places of Athens.
It is the oldest neighborhood of Athens, known as the "neighborhood of the gods".
To the West of Plaka is situated the neighborhood of Monastiraki.

In this neighbourhood, every Sunday morning is celebrated a popular market.

Syntagma Square or Square of the Constitution, is the nerve center of Athens. It hosts Greece's parliament and the Monument to the Unknown Soldier.
It received its name in 1843 when in the same square the people and the guard of Athens asked the king Otto to accept the writing of a constitution.
This square is one of the most crowded places and popular of Athens and is a meeting point for the Athenians
In their newsstand can buy everything.
Here are made festivals and concerts.
Here begin several important streets and avenues of Athens.
Next to Syntagma Square are the National Gardens.
Well this is all that I can tell you about Athens, so...

Central Greece is one of the thirteen regions of Greece. Limits with:
It is divided into five provinces:
The sanctuary of Delphi is in the middle of a landscape that alternates almonds with pine forests.
We will know Delphi and its history!
The site of the sanctuary was completely surrounded by a sacred fence called "períbola '.

The Via Sacra was the main street of the sanctuary .
The whole journey was marked by many "treasures".
The "treasures" were small chapels .
Completed the sacred enclosure a theater, a hippodrome and a 7000 capacity stadium seats, where the Pythian Games were held in honor of the snake Pito.
Outside the precincts of the sanctuary is a 'Tholos' or circular temple, Doric style IV century BC.
Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, located on the border between thessaly and macedonia.
In greek mithology the Mount Olympus is considered the home of the Twelve Olympian Gods
Mount Olympus has very rich flora with several species. It is a National Park of Greece and a World's Biosphere Reserve.
Twelve Olympian Gods
Zeus was the king of the gods
Queen of the goods and
Lord of the seas
Goddes of fertily
God of wine
God of light, knowledge, music, poetry, prophecy and archery
Virgin goddess of the hunt, virginity, childbirth, archery, the moon, and all animals
Messenger of the gods
Virgin goddess of wisdom, handicrafts, defense and strategic warfare
Virgin goddess of wisdom, handicrafts, defense and strategic warfare
Goddess of love, beauty, and desire
Master blacksmith and craftsman of the gods
Thessaly is one of the 13 regions of Greece
Larissa is the regional capital.
Is the country's largest agricultural region. Current products are cotton, snuff, olives, vegetables and citrus.
In the Meteora valley there are numerous monasteries perched on giant boulders. In Magnesia there are fabulous beaches, especially in the Sporades archipelago. The Peneo is the main river in Thessaly.
In Homer's epic, the Odyssey, Odysseus visits the kingdom of Aeolus, and this is the old name for Thessaly.
I think you should visit that region because there are fabulous beaches and the monasteries are so incredible.
I think you should visit Mount Olympus because it has a lot of
history and mithology. You will be visiting the home of the gods!
Is a location in Greece where a narrow coastal passage existed in antiquity.
Thermopylae is located in eastern central Greece on the only land route large enough to bear any significant traffic between Lokris and Thessaly.
By their geographical was chosen as the scene of several battles in the history of Greece.
Olympia city
Olympia is the birthplace of the olympics games
The town is a human's patrimony from UNESCO
Olympia was considerate by Alejandro Magno the spiritual capital of Greece
In Sparta, there're a lot of beaches where you can relax. For example:

Crete is the bigger island in the Egean sea
and the fifth of the Mediterranean sea.
The capital of Crete is Heraklion.
Is the biggest city in crete and the thirth of Greece.
is an ancient city of wide streetsand numerous squares and cobbled with building over three floors with balconies overlooking the sea.
The Labyrinth of the Minotaur

Androgeo, son of Minos, king of Crete, had participated in sports games in Athens and had won all the competitions. The nephews of Aegeus, king of Athens, envious, was charged with conspiracy to seize the throne of Athens and killed him.
King Minos protested to the gods of Olympus which ordered that every nine years Athens to Crete deliver fourteen young, seven boys and seven girls, to serve as food for the Minotaur, a terrible monster with human body and bull's head was born of Pasiphae, wife of Minos, and a bull that Poseidon had given Minos. The Minotaur was locked in a maze that had built the architect Daedalus.
Theseus, to end this practice, decided to be one of seven boys to be delivered to the Minotaur. When he arrived in Crete was taken with the other youths to the labyrinth. Ariadne, daughter of Minos, fell in love with Theseus and gave him to help a ball of string, tie one end to the entrance of the maze and could find the exit. Ariadne Theseus made him promise to take her to Athens and marry her.
Theseus managed to kill the Minotaur and escaped with all his companions. Theseus abandoned Ariadne on the island of Naxos
is the capital of Dodecanese.
Its a mediaval city that is protected by walls.
Its walls were built by the kinghts Hospitallers os St. John of Jerusalem who were in Rhodes
One famous square is the Hippocrates Square
Acropolis of Rhodes.
Is located on thehill of San Stefano (MONTE SMITH)
The temple Apollo Pithio is one of the few monuments that some reamains.

is an sculter of Helios that size is 37m and the boats pass under his opened legs.
When Zeus, the supreme god of Olympus, islands and cities divided among the gods, forgot to Helios, the sun god. Zeus said:
- Now I have to start all over again!
But Helios replied:
- Not necessary. Today a new island emerges from the sea. Sure you know enjoy.
In Rhodes, Helios fathered seven sons and a daughter with Rodo nymph, daughter of Poseidon. The island took its name in honor of the nymph. Since then the inhabitants of Rhodes are considered children of the sun and made the island more than 300 days of sunshine a year is one of the sunniest places in the Mediterranean.
Ulysses, king of Ithaca
The Trojan War lasted ten years and ended thanks to the clever Odysseus (Greek "Odysseus"), king of Ithaca, came up with the idea to trick the Trojans into believing that the Greeks were leaving, leaving a huge gift wooden horse (the famous Trojan horse) that was hollow inside.
When the war was all Greek kings and warriors returned home. Odysseus left Troy with his men in twelve ships. All were eager to return to their land. Ulysses was looking forward to see his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus.
But the gods had prepared a long and bumpy Ulysses journey from Troy to Ithaca, which lasted ten years, whose story we know by the name "Odyssey."
*The women
Mycenae :)
Apollo founded there one of the main sanctuaries.
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