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Bailey l

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Graphs

Circle Graph Bar graph Line Graph Pictograph Histogram Graphs Line Plot Box and Whisker Graph On a Line Plot you use an X to represent one or more things.Sometimes this graph has a key for how many of an object is represented by 1 x. On this Line plot they are showing the number of pets people have. Of pet owners surveyed, they each owned between 1 to 5 pets There are 8 people with 1 pet
5 people with with 2 pets
3 people with 3 pets
3 people with 4 pets
and 1 person with 5 pets This graph is not very much like any of the other graphs so you shouldn't confuse it with another one. On a pictograph you use pictures to represent one or more things. Usually pictographs have a key, like on this graph 1 soccer ball = 10 students. On this pictograph they are showing how many students in the third grade play the folllowing sports: baseball, football, soccer, hockey, and basketball. On this pictograph, since one socccer ball equals 10 students
50 students play baseball
30 students play football
60 play soccer
20 play hockey
and 40 play basketball A circle graph is used to show percentages. A circle graph does not usually need a key unless it is telling what the colors mean. On this circle graph it is showing 3 ways that average teenagers spend their days. Random teenagers were surveyed, and asked how much time they spent each day sleeping, going to school, or doing other stuff. The percentages show the average time that the teenagers spent doing these things. According to this graph, on an average teenager's day, they spend
42% of their day sleeping
33% of their time going to school
and 25% of their day doing other stuff A bar graph is used to show the amount of something. On a bar graph the bars don't touch each other and it can be vertical or horizontal. A bar graph can be easily confused with a histogram. the only big difference is that on a histogram the bars do touch. This graph is showing the type of pet that people own. Of those pet owners surveyed, they owned 5 different kinds of pets: dogs, cats, goldfish, birds, and hampsters. On this graph there are 22 total pets...
7 dogs
6 cats
4 goldfish
2 birds
and 3 hamsters A Histogram is used to show the amount of something, also. On a histogram, the bars do touch each other and is a very common graph. This graph can be confused with a bar graph because they look very alike but the only big difference is that on a bar graph the bars CAN'T touch. On this Histogram they are showing the grades on some students' final exams. The maximum amount of points they can get is 100. On this Histogram
5 students made up to 20 points
10 students made between 21 and 40 points
20 students made between 41 and 60 points
40 students made between 61 and 80 points
and 25 students made between 81 and 100 points A line graph is used to show how something increased or decreased. You put dots down on the right number and connect them when your done. On this line graph they are showing how the temperature of the water increased with each minute of heating time. The temperature was recorded after each minute of heating time, up to 5 minutes. On this line graph the tempature increased as they were heating it.
It started at 50 degrees
After 1 minute, it went to 60 degrees
Then another minute, 70 degrees
After 3 minutes, 80 degrees
then, 4 minutes, 90 degrees
then it ended at being 100 degrees after 5 minutes of heating. A box and whisker plot is used to display a set of data so that you can see all the numbers easily. You have to find the median or middle number first and then you have to find the upper and lower medians. Those create the box. Then the very lower and upper result create the ends of the line. In this case the median would be 69. The upper median would be 87 and the lower median would be 51. The very lowest result was 17 and the highest was 100. Half of the results were between 51 and 87.
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