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Book Report

The Dragon Prophecy

Lorena C.M.F

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Book Report

The Dragon Prophecy
My Book Report
Geronimo Stilton-

Main Character

Geronimo's main guide

in "The Kkingdom of Fantasy"
King Thunderhorn-

The King of the Elves (He is a Deer)

The Princess of the Silver Dragons

The silver dragoness
Bitsy Luckybug-

The tiny ladybug and the Princess of the Kingdom of Greenfields.
Mixy Von Troll-

The cook for the trolls
The Dragon of the Rainbow-
Geronimo's fellow dragon and his ride in "The Kingdom of Fantasy".
King Firebreath III-

The mean dragon traitor
Book Report Presentation By: Lorena Florea
Book Written By: Elizabetta Dami
A Little Bit About The Book
The story takes place in
"The Kingdom of Fantasy"
. Inside the
"The Kingdom of Fantasy"
are many other Kingdoms! In my book, the story starts off in
"New Mouse City"
then continues in
"The Kingdom of Silver Dragons"
and lastly, back in
"New Mouse City"
, where our main character lives, Geronimo Stilton!
Geronimo Stilton was astonished to find himself in "The Kingdom of Fantasy" for the fourth time! Sterling, the Princess of Silver Dragons, needed his help!

The last existing dragon egg had been stolen from Sterling. If that egg was destroyed, dragons would become extinct forever! He couldn't let that happen, so he and his friends set out across enchanted lands to find the egg and restore peace to "The Kingdom of Fantasy". It is a truly amazing adventure!
You betcha!
I know I did!
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