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Crossed/Uncrossed Dominance Effect on Free Throw Shooting

No description

Cole Kearby

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Crossed/Uncrossed Dominance Effect on Free Throw Shooting

Crossed/Uncrossed Dominance Effect on Free Throw Shooting
Everybodys used to the idea that people are either right-handed or left-handed for particular tasks. That is that one hand is preferred over the other for a particular task. You also have a dominant eye. This project is designed to look for consequences of having the dominant hand and eye on the same side.
People with uncrossed eye dominance will shoot a higher free throw percentage than people with crossed eye dominance.
30-50 volunteers
1 basketball
1 basketball court
Hand dominance surveys
1 lab notebook

1. Conduct background research on the brain.
2. Gather 30-50 volunteers.
3. Create a data table for each volunteer containing name, hand dominance, eye dominance, free throw percentage.
4. Ask volunteer which hand is dominant.

Procedure (Cont.)
5. To determine eye dominance bring your arms out and create a 2-3 cm wide triangle with your hands, focus on an object inside the triangle and close your left eye, if you can still see the object you are right eye dominant. If you can’t see it you are left eye dominant.
6. Volunteer must shoot 20 free throws and count makes and misses.
Procedure (Cont.)
7. If you are right handed dominant/left eye dominant you are cross dominant, if you are same side eye and hand you are uncrossed.
8. Calculate shooting percentages for crossed and uncrossed and put it into data table.
9. Do steps 3-8 for all volunteers.

Data and Graphs
Data Table
There seems to be no effect between cross dominant and uncrossed dominant free throw percentage.

There was no effect between cross dominant and uncrossed dominant free throw percentage. The average shooting percentage for cross dominant shooters was 65.4 while the average shooting percentage for uncrossed shooters was 68.5. When
CER (Cont.)
looking at those numbers you can tell there really was no effect in both of the groups. This makes sense because some people have more experience shooting basketballs than others and that can overcome the effects of crossed/uncrossed dominance due to simple experience.
Sources of Error
I might have made a mistake when calculating the average free throw shooting percentage of both groups. I also might have wrote down the data wrong in the data table and also one of the people I experimented on might have told me the wrong eye dominance. All of these could be to blame on simple human error.
How to Improve on Experiment

I should have been more specific in my data when writing it all down and been more organized with all my data and that would’ve made my experiment better. I should have also tried to spread out all the experimentation over a period of time.
My hypothesis that people with uncrossed eye dominance will shoot a higher free throw percentage than people with crossed eye dominance is not supported. The percentages were too close to show a significant difference which means there was no effects. Since some people have more skill and
experience playing basketball which means there is no effect from being crossed/uncrossed dominant and shoot a good percentage. While others don’t have that experience and will shoot a worse percentage.
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