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How I Made My Catapult

Rachel Neis

Rachel Neis

on 15 February 2012

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Transcript of How I Made My Catapult

How I Made My Catapult how we constructed it. supplies.
2. bungee cords.
5. metal lid the science behind it. The catupult is a class 3 lever because the effort is
in the middle. The bungee cords serve as the effort force. The load is of course the bean bag and the fulcrum is the carriage bolt. The End To build our catapult we first built the base, then we
added the two straight up posts. Next we added the
beam across the two posts and supported it with
another post from the base. Next we had to drill a hole
through the base and the throwing arm to put in a
fulcrum. We had to attach something to hold the load
in place so we screwed a metal lid to the throwing arm Next we screwed in two hooks for the bungee cords,
one on the base and one on the throwing arm.
After we attached the cords, we tested it out and
added a couple more cords just to make it go that
much farther.
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