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Chad and Willie

No description

Grace Strobel

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Chad and Willie

Impactful Decisions
Revealing Quotes
Chad and Willie
Are they really that different?
Willie Markham
"What do fish have to do with Anything"

"Midgets, Jujubes, and Beans"
Bill Meissner
A Prezi created by
Grace Strobel
In the story
"Midgets, Jujubes, and Beans",
Chad makes some decisions that are pretty impactful. Some of these include:
Repeatedly beats up Martin who is smaller than him and beats him up with a friend so that it's 2 vs. 1 (43).
Goes to Martin's house to apologize for hitting him in the eye with a baseball (46/47).
Calls Martin Pretending to be a baseball scout and laughs at him as he stands there all alone in the middle of the night (44).
Willie takes place in a story titled
"What do fish have to do with anything".
In this story, he makes some impactful decisions including:
Sneaks out of the house to give a homeless man money (4).
Keeps sneaking out and gives the man some cake (8/9).
Tells his mom that he was talkin gto the man and the mom sends the homeless man away (10).

One revealing quote that
had in the story
"Midgets, Jujubes, and Beans,"
is when he goes up to Martin and says
"Hey Hesley! Want to fight!"
This shows that Chad
acts tough and thinks that he is stronger than Martin.
Another quote that
had that reveals his character is when he says
"I told him I was a baseball scout and that he'd been chosen for the All-American team."
This shows that he is
mean and likes to pull pranks on Martin .
In the story "
What do Fish Have to do With Anything,"
one of the revealing quotes


is when he is talking to his mom and screams at her saying
"My name isn't Willie! It's William, and I know how to keep from being unhappy! I do!"
This reveals that Willie is
frusterated but at the same time he is smart and knows how he feels.
Another revealing quote that
has is when he screams
"No you can't! You are a fish! You live in a cave!"
this shows that he is angry at his mother.

One conflict
has is
Person vs. Self.
I think this is a conflict because he is
fighting with himself about kind of not wanting to be mean but on the other hand he thinks it's a good idea.
Another conflict he has is
Person vs. Person.
This is a smaller one but I think it is one because he
fights Martin and picks on him.
One conflict that
faces is
Person vs. Person.
He faces this when he is
fighting with his mom after she sends the man away.
Another conflict that


faces is
Person vs. Society.

I think this because
while everyone else turns away from the man he goes to the man and feels sorry for him.
In the story
"What do Fish Have to do With Anything,"
is a
kind and giving boy.
He shows this in the way that he gives the homeless man that he sees on the street money and food even though his mother told him not to.
Willie also turns out to be a very
boy. The reason I think this because
he confronts the man and continues to ask him questions.

In this story, Willie realizes that his mom is wrong and that you don't need money to be happy and that the cure is actually "what a person needs is always more than they say."
In the beginning of the story
"Midgets, Jujubes, and Beans",

is a
bully and takes pride in being bigger than Martin.
You can tell because
he likes to pick on Martin and fight him.
In more of the middle of the story he changes and he becomes

After he hits Martin in the eye with a baseball, he goes to his house to apologize.
This shows that he has a lot of
At the very end of the book

he has an

epiphany and realizes that he and Martin aren't that different after all.
In these two stories,
Chad and Willie
are very similar. I say this because they both
realize that they have made mistakes.

Chad's mistake was treating Martin badly. When Chad sees Martin again he realizes that Martin could easily beat him up
Willies is that he misjudged both his mother and the man. He thinks his mom is always right and knows best and he thinks that the man is unhappy. He realizes that these are actually opposite.
Another way that Chad and Willie are similar is that they both
create the same plot diagram.
The plot diagrams both have a longer rising action and the falling action is much shorter.
These are just two of the ways they are similar but hopefully it is enough for you to see that they aren't that different.
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