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Random STUFFF!!!!


andrew arent

on 6 January 2012

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Transcript of Random STUFFF!!!!

Want to know how I did that?! Easy My SUPER DRINK!!! Awesome right Comes in all colors like Lemon Yellow,
Orange Orange, Strawberry Pink,
Cranberry Red, and Cherry Purple You can do this with pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, squirels, mice, and water animals BUT NOT HUMANS!!! Random stuff It depends on what color you have your pet drinks Like I said before it depends on what color you feed your pet
purple, red, and pink juice are mental yellow and orange are phisical and mental yellow and orange are $1.00 more Your fish friend is that guy That's probably why humans shoudn't drink the super juice The Super Drink is a great way to get $70 shark for the price of a goldfish! Get it in all stores in the drink section (if they have one) Bibliography
Google images
Nothing else
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