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No description

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of THE WHITE HAG

Research Question/ Problem
Research Objectives
5 objectives:

- Identify home brew club in Ireland and in France

-White Hag: Exportable in France ?

- Identify the kind of beer French people prefer

- Price positioning of White Hag

- Create the brand awareness
- Survey on Lime Survey

- 54 respondents
(with 16 home brew clubs)

- Questions asked divided in 5 parts:
Different styles of beer
Consumers awareness
The White Hag project

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Marketing Research
The White Hag brewing company
Key Findings

Craft beer is increasingly popular in Ireland :

- 1.5% of total production
- Expected increase of 3.3%

French people : small amateurs of beer BUT are for the avant-garde of the promising market of the craft beer.

2004->2014: The number of French micro-breweries increased from 200 to 600.

Craft beer in France:

- 3 % of the French consumption
- Small and average producers: annual growth rate is about 8%
In 2020: the homemade beer => 6 % of the total consumption of beer in France.

=> Really good opportunity for the company.

Good opportunities on the French market
Lots of influencers

- Lager, fruit beer, Pale Ale, are most consumed in France

- More than 35% would be interested in a the home brew club challenge

- French consumers are willing to pay the same price or a little bit more for craft beer

Recommendations / Limits

Should the White Hag Export its beers in France?

“White hag” could answer perfectly the demand and should launch its products on this market.

Some studies are missing:

No face to face interviews of French beer clubs in order to have a better understanding of French needs.
Implementing the White Hag in France
The Survey
Key Findings
The Survey
Key Findings
How an Irish craft beer brand (White Hag) can introduce itself in the French market thanks to a homebrew challenge?
What kind of beer do you prefer?
How much are you willing to pay for a craft beer?
What would you think of a craft beer competition?
- Lager and Pale Ale are the favorite type of beer for the French

- Fruit Beer (peach) can be a good opportunity on the French Market

- A price of 4 or 5€ would be accepted by the French consumers

- An adapted marketing should be envisaged to convince customers highlighting the "craft" aspect and the high degree of alcohol.

- An adapted marketing, with all information and maybe a specific contact for questions about the event could ensure a good participation of French people in the competition
- The majority of our respondents are males between 18-25 years old. So we don't have all French population represented.

- No face to face interview, to have complete answers.

Key Findings
Key Findings
The Survey
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