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To kill a mockingbird Chapter 26

No description

Yazury Viurquez

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of To kill a mockingbird Chapter 26

Slender: small or narrow in circumference or width in proportion to length or height

He went out for football, but was too slender and too young yet to do anything but carry the team water buckets.

Remorse: a gnawing distress arising from a sense of guilt for past wrongs

sheer: to deviate from a course

Torment:the infliction of torture

I sometimes felt a twinge of remorse, when passing by the old place, at ever having taken part in what must have been sheer torment to Arthur Radley—what reasonable recluse wants children peeping through his shutters, delivering greetings on the end of a fishing- pole, wandering in his collards at night?
When the teacher in Scouts class said she hates that Hitler is persecuting the jews, yet she was racist toward a black man at the trial is hypocrisy. Kind of like every other human being in existence. We are hypocrites as well, but in separate ways. Some like the teacher in the book, others for example might say "Don't curse," to their children or other people when they themselves curse like it's not a problem periodically throughout the day.
Miss gates talks about Hitler's persecution of the Jews and Scout was comparing that with the racism and persecution of the black people in Maycob. He was right in thinking they were the same because the persecution of the blacks in the south was just as bad as the persecution of the Jews in Germany.
Why does Jem tell Scout not to talk about the trial anymore?

Who was talking about Hitler’s persecution of the Jews?

Who does Scout go to for comfort?

Chapter 26
School starts and as a third grader, Scout is no longer frightened of Boo Radley but she is confused when the town which was so set against Atticus defending Tom elected him to the state legislature that year.In school, Scout's class discusses about hitler and Scout asks Jem why Miss Gates would say persecuting the Jews is awful when she seemed so happy after Tom Robinson got convicted. Jem shouts at Scout never to talk about the trial again.

He tells her that because he is getting mad
The person who talks about it is Miss Gates
Scout goes to Atticus for comfort
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