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Once Upon A Time - TV Show Analysis

No description

RTV 3405

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Once Upon A Time - TV Show Analysis

They constantly face obstacles in the "battle of good versus evil."

This show was a success because of it's:
• A twist in the original stories the characters are from original Disney movies
• Diverse because it links together many different storylines from the movies
• Different perspectives of the character from original plot
• Lots of action from past and present linking things together for better dramatic effect when things are reviled

Begins in Fairytale Land with all the characters we grew up loving. The Evil Queen, Regina casts a dark curse on the land and sends them to a parallel universe where they live normal lives.
Show Summary
Aired October 23,2011
Genre: Adventure and Fantasy
Success or Flop?

- Original target age demographics 18 to 49
- Aimed towards classic and contemporary Disney fans
- 18% of adults watching had children with them
- Most family-friendly drama on any broadcast
- Pilot episode had 13 million viewers and season 4 premiere had 9.47
- Each episode averages about 8.47 million viewers.

According to the director:
From preproduction to post production: costs 4-5 million dollars per episode
Each episode makes back about $6,922,480 (rounded to $7 million)
A 30 second ad costs $173,062 (4-5 commercial per break)
Economics Of Once Upon A Time
1. Pre-Existing Fan Base
2. Advertising Revenue and Syndication
3. Show Related Merchandise
Group Representation
Improving the program
Appeal to broader audience
More merchandising
Trans media storytelling
Include a more diverse cast
Make it less predictable
According to producer Adam Horowitz, "break special effects barrier, increase budget"
Adding more races and making them lasting characters AND not evil.
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