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Sponsorship Proposal, SF 2014

No description

Mamidipudi Mathew

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Sponsorship Proposal, SF 2014

The Strawberry Fields Initiative
It is the only Indian music festival with free access to great music across three days. It brings together the cream of the indie scene from all over the country in one giant festival.

Over the past 17 years, Strawberry Fields has earned a place in every Bangalorean music-lover's calendar. For some, attending Strawberry Fields is an annual pilgrimage.

Why Sponsor SF?
Good For You, Good For Us!
Our Audience
First two days - Over 800 indie music lovers
Final day - At least 1500 people.

Around 50,000 Bangaloreans have attended SF in the past 17 years. This means one in every hundred has revelled in the Strawberry Fields experience.

What is Strawberry Fields?

Strawberry Fields is one of India's oldest music festivals. Envisioned by the students of NLSIU as a platform for grass-roots level bands to showcase their talent to a wider audience, Strawberry Fields is now identified as the stage where the legends began their ascent to greatness.

Strawberry Fields has successfully promoted the most promising acts of the country for the past 17 years. The next big thing is born here.

Strawberry Fields
What is unique about Strawberry Fields?
Entry is FREE!
The show follows a three day structure. 50 bands from all over the country play through the first two days. The five finalists battle it out on the third day for the top prize.

This is followed by performances by the headlining acts. In the past editions, we have had the pleasure of hosting international acts such as Rudra and Skyharbor and world-renowned Indian artists such as Parikrama, Pentagram, The Raghu Dixit Project and Shruti Hassan.

On Facebook, we reach over 12,000 people daily.
Our dedicated following online numbers in the thousands.
• Thermal And a Quarter
• Motherjane
• Junkyard Groove
• Bhayanak Maut
• Rainbow Bridge
• Angeldust
• Zebediah Plush
• Galeej Gurus
• Kryptos
• Slain
• Myndsnare
• Pin Drop Violence
• Demonic Resurrection
• Brute Force
• Atmosfear
• Zygnema
• Escher’s Knot
• Devoid
• Armour of God
• The Bicycle Days
• Goddess Gagged
• Anthracite
• The Peter Cat Recording Company
• Clown With a Frown
Our Image
Our Outreach
Our Numbers
Our Crowd and the Scene
And the Music
We believe that with your support we can take the Strawberry Fields experience to greater heights.

We look forward to collaborating with you for the 18th edition of Strawberry Fields.
When we started out, the music scene, both locally and nationally was very much defined by Bollywood music, playback singing and classical music.

We have since carved out a niche for independent music both locally and pan-India, providing a platform for artists to launch themselves. We have successfully catered to the demands of a fledgling indie music scene, and played a major role in creating a musical identity for Bangalore.

Whatever money we have raised has gone into strengthening grassroots music.

We have become an essential cog in the production line, feeding the industry with talent.

We are what lies between the garage and the recording studio.
Press coverage throughout the year, online and in print.
Gearing up for the launch of a dedicated YouTube channel.
Reebooted twitter feed.
Ever-expanding popularity
Building an organic online presence
Name recognition.
Advertising through SF memorabilia
Since its inception, the Strawberry Fields Initiative has poured over Rupees 2 crore into the amateur music industry.

We Invite you to join us for the most magical musical experience of your life.
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