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A prezi presentation brought to you by Ryan aka AllAboutMoney

Ryan Nelson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Scratch

Scratch! Scratch is a programming tool that
anyone can use to create games, videos,
Slideshows, and more. It is an easy to use program that has thousands of users and millions of projects. t The game I made was a Mario
game. The point of the game is to get Mario into the little Green pipe. You do this by jumping off of blocks and avoiding the goombas.If you touch the goomba, you will die. So don't touch them, because the game is over if you die. Also, Bowser will kill you if you touch him, so don't, because you will die, and if you die, the game is over. This is Mario.
He is our hero.
He is the main
characte of the game This is Bowser. He
is a villian. Goombas
are also evil. These are the main villians In order to play the game,
You use the left and right
arrow keys to move arround
and the up arrow to jump.
Jump on the blocks to get
to the green pipes. Avoid
Goombas. If they get you,
you will die. When you get
to the bowser level, avoid
Bowser and get the mushroom
to grow really big and kick
his buttock region. I'm Awesome
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