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The Evolution of Chinese Architecture

how this amazing chinese architecture evolved over time

max brylski

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of The Evolution of Chinese Architecture

evolution of chinese architecture
4000 BC
chinese architecture started thousands of years ago, and still in use today by many people. even though chinese architecture originated from Mesopotamia, and Egypt, they managed to really make it unique and stand out. as the chinese started developing, the needed more houses, that used less wood.
some of the earliest chinese buildings date back to 4000BC. some of these buildings include cities from Mesopotamia.
much like later chinese architecture, these buildings and structures were symmetrical
4000 BC
line of symmetry
3500 BC
3500 BC
The chinese were still building with wood at this point, but the have also began building with bricks, making complex palaces and temples to worship in.
One of the many reasons allot of ancient chinese architecture inst here anymore, is because the buildings used to be made out of only wood.
stone was used for the foundation to keep the palaces up
600 BC
600 BC
During this time a man lived named Loatsu, who was believed to be the one who started Taoism. Taoism basically means to "go with the flow". once Taoism caught, people started building buildings based of of it. these building were low to the ground, with pillars holding up the roof.
Taoism is also where the ying yang symbol began
200 BC
200 BC
Wall Of China
200 BC-1600 AD
200 BC
This is the first known date of when the great wall of China began to take form. during this time, the wall was only broken pieces of mud wall along the south west border of China.
because the Buddhist began to move to China at this time, people started changing architecture for years to come.
Buddhist temple
also around this time, Chinese statues were just being carved from marble and stone. many of these ancient statues are still standing and used to decorate palaces and temples.
During this span of time, chinese architecture wasn't going very far, although, they have developed some technique and tools to help building palaces and houses easier. some of these include:
ladders: ladders were invented to get to higher places safely.
hand drills: to create holes in wood.
locks: made to keep doors safe and only accessible from the inside.
interlocking wooden beams: Because early on they did not have iron to make nails, they had to create wooden beams that interlocked into each other to create bonds.
589 AD
The wall began to be covered with wood, and the dirt was pressed to form a solid bond to keep enemy intruders out.
907 AD
1368 AD
This is when the great wall really started to take shape and have its full length of 5500 miles long. all the segments were now connected and it was a full wall.
Finally, this is how you would picture the great wall today. all the walls are now completely replaced with bricks and stone.
1618 AD
1618 AD
In 1618 the goujou bridge was constructed,which is one of the best, but simplest designs in china. many battles since, this bridge has held soldiers and horses, and still stands
1200 AD
1200 AD
The chinese needed more palaces as the population grew, so they began creating more palaces similar to the past to save materials and resources
The evolution of Chinese architecture has all led up to the amazing buildings we see today. with out the past of Buddhists coming, or intruders that gave reason to build the great wall of china, we would not be able to have these works of art. the Chinese had to overcome obstetrical of not having iron nails, not having the opportunity to use stone until late 2000 AD, its fascinating that the buildings they have even exist.
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