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Bud's Run Campaign Proposal

Created by: Trelyn Lewis, Katie Potts, Darian Jones, Katie Buske, Mary Burth, Lindsey Arthur, Alex Bryant, Megan Abero

Megan Abero

on 27 December 2013

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Transcript of Bud's Run Campaign Proposal

Buds "Race the Roof" thank you
for your time questions? Run 10th Anniversary Theme Based on the strategy of integrating the 5K with family oriented activities and create an environment and experience that will draw attention and appeal to our specific target market. "Race the Roof" Block Party Our tag line stems from the pop culture term Aim to create a family friendly environment where: referencing a common dance done by the target demographics generation. “Raising the Roof” A block party is a perfect way to keep spectators entertained while supporting the 5K participants. We anticipate that families will need to keep children entertained. Activities suggested includes: Live music (Already provided by the radio station)
Water balloon races
Bouncy Castle
Face painting
Dancing area
Space provided for adult activities
Raffles/Giveaways Cheaper: $2.06 per water bottle
The runners/participants will be able to use them that day
Can put sponsors on the side Suggest purchasing water bottles instead of mugs - For food, we will talk to Toppers pizza to see if they are willing to donate or be a sponsor, we will also exhaust the option of talking to local pizza places.
- Can ask families to bring grills-to have other food (hot dogs, burgers..for sale??? for free???)
- At the beginning of the race, we will have a moment of silence for the tragedy that happened during the Boston marathon. Children can play
Adults can socialize
Everyone can participate while focusing on Charity (Sarcoma Foundation) Target Young Adults Children Charity Supporters Recreational Runners Families Who is our Audience SWOT Strengths Bud's Run Marketing Campaign Loyal runners/walkers
Attracts Families
Baby Jogger Friendly
USATF Certified
Support of Sponsors Creative Theme
Family friendly environment Weaknesses Bud's Run Marketing Campaign Unhelpful Social Media
No information about Race on Social Media sites
People are unaware of Sarcoma Foundation
No extremely popular sponsors
Reach is minimal Narrow target audience
Unfamiliar with Sarcoma Foundation Opportunities Bud's Run Marketing Campaign Team discount prices
10th Anniversary (as you are doing)
To make an event, not just a run
Attract people through Social Media
Good turn out Reach
Social Media experts Threats Bud's Run Marketing Campaign Remote
Bad weather
Similar charity events/runs
Date conflicting with other races
No location decided yet Bad weather
Competition Campaign Objective Our primary objective is to use this campaign to: Increase registration & participation to Bud’s Run 2013 by marketing the race as a family friendly run/walk event. Positioning Strategy User Benefit Event The participant’s of Bud’s Run will benefit from the opportunity for: Family Interaction Supporting a cause or loved one Enjoying entertainment & food Participating in a race or enjoying a race Getting the opportunity to win raffles and prizes Engage in a community block party that includes everyone Competitive Analysis Chicago Women's 5K Downer's Grove 5 Mile Green Music Festival Chicago Women's 5K Another Charity Run
Social Media heavy Strengths Downer's Grove 5 Mile Green Music Festival Weaknesses Threats Very Strong following of Runners
Located downtown Social Media heavy
Day before Bud's Run Popular community based event
Family Oriented Strengths Weaknesses Threats Strong community following
Runner's Choice circuit Runner discounts
Publicity/Reach Promotes Family Friendly fun
Supports important cause Strengths Weaknesses Threats Eco-friendly cause (big charity/following)
Powerful sponsors Family fun weekend event on June 22 - 23
Strong reach through marketing Marketing Include but are not limited to: Increasing awareness about Bud’s Run via social media outlets Objectives Increase registration by creating a family oriented event that appeals to our target market. Communication Objectives With our new theme in mind, if we communicate to potential registers the emphasis on family involvement and the importance of the charity, they are more likely to participate. The people attending need to be fully aware of what to expect at this event so it will be in their evoked set of entertainment criteria. The Concept of Category Need Media Objectives By doing this we hope to reach out to at least 150 people who haven’t heard of the event to either sign up, attended the event, or to just receive more information about the event. Action Objectives ●Register and continue to register for Bud’s Run, bring their families and friends, have an enjoyable community experience. Strategic Reasoning We planned the event in such a manner that is reflective of what our potential market has a demand for with an activity such as a 5K. We also took into consideration the need for children to be entertained until it is their turn to participate. The block party provides an easy solution to a common dilemma our target audience faces (what are we going to do with the kids while we race?). Family fun activities throughout the entire event will create more incentive for this specific demographic to participate. Raise awareness via recognition though our theme. We plan to gauge purchase intention though the feedback of our social media campaign. We judge our purchase intention based on how far the reach is rather than financial gain.
For example: Someone from California likes the Bud's Run Facebook page, we know what we reached another state rather than Illinois. We feel that social media is the best outlet to
spread the word. Our social media goals are to get a total of: 250 “likes” on Facebook, 100 followers on Twitter,
& to set up an Instagram account. Create a Facebook or social media raffle to get more attention to the event. ●Ideas such as “50th person to like receives a free xxx" Current Audience: New & Emerging Audiences: Competitive Audience: Decide this is an event they want to go to, push the “unsure” mentality into the “sure” mentality. We don’t want them to stop supporting other causes and charities, but we’d love for them to support ours as well. If that’s too much to ask, we need to convince them ours is charity event to come to. For all of these groups, our goal is to increase registration first and foremost, and encourage participation whenever possible as well.
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