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Copy of Farmers Advocacy Consultation Tool FACT

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Paul Allertz

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Farmers Advocacy Consultation Tool FACT

Advocacy is mentioned 7 times and lobby 10 times in our Strategy Note.

Result 4 of the Strategic Framework - although not specifically mentioning L&A, but it is the result area where L&A is best 'placed'
Farmers Advocacy Consultation Tool FACT
The approach is based on four pillars: (1) consultations; (2) participatory research (data gathering and analysis with advice of experts); (3) writing SMART proposals; and (4) lobby mapping & stakeholder analysis.
FACT theory & practice: exchange and learning

Definition of what aspects of FACT and experiences learned can be added to the organization’s work.

Preparation of a basic work plan.

Learning - by - Doing
The reality, needs and concerns of members
Key stone report
A basic principle behind the FACT approach is that the work of farmers’ organisations is based on membership consultation to ensure that the organisation is democratically controlled by its members.
The FACT approach counts on farmers being the ones who better know their reality and context. Therefore, every proposal of a ‘solution’ to their problems should take into account their knowledge, their concerns and their aspirations
The success largely depends on the will and disposition of the farmers’ organisations to incorporate the FACT concepts defined in their follow-up plan in their daily work.
Consultations of membership: Well-documented and registered membership consultations.

Participatory research: in order to systematize the results and desk research to substantiate the proposals.

Writing SMART proposals: elaboration of technically well prepared positions or proposals (policies, economic proposals etc.).

Lobby mapping & Stakeholders analysis for a successful lobby /advocacy and negotiation of proposals.

1. FACT Preparatory Workshops

(capacity building)
To learn from personal experiences and the FACT approach for improving the preparation of policy and other types of proposals with 14 Farmers' MBO in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
Farmers' Voice Programme
Learning - by - Doing
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