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Supposed to or Suppose to?

No description

Chelsea Donald

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Supposed to or Suppose to?

Supposed to or Suppose to?
Suppose to
Supposed to
Is this correct?
Ashley was
suppose to
present her project today but she is home sick.
Suppose - verb - to assume that something is the case on the basis of evidence or probability but without proof or certain knowledge

example - I suppose I got to school at 6:45
The correct way
Ashley was
supposed to
present her project today but she is home sick.
Supposed - verb - to be required to do something because of the position one is in or an agreement one has made

example - I am supposed to meet Mary at the airport
Supposed to - the conventional spelling of the adjectival phrase meaning required to, expected to, or allowed to. It is often misspelled as suppose to
This is the incorrect way to say "suppose to"
Chelsea Donald C6/7
Mnemonic Device
Since these are phrases and not words I couldn't come up with/find any mnemonic devices. So I just used logic
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