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Beyond the Blackboard

No description

Varshni Murali

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Beyond the Blackboard

Families of the Children Stacey Bess Community Society At first, Stacey Bess didn’t show much patience to the children. She became extremely exasperated with their negligence of school. However, she realized that the children hadn’t experienced a proper schooling, and therefore required more attention than children in public schools. She began to display more patience with the kids, and became an encouraging teacher.
Stacey Bess displayed a fighting spirit, and never gave up on the children. It wasn’t an easy task to teach a group of homeless children who had never been taught in the conventional method, but Mrs. Bess showed determination and perseverance. She never gave up, and succeeded in securing an emotional attachment to the children Stacey Bess as an Individual: "Beyond the Blackboard" Families of the Students (Before the influence of Stacey Bess) The parents of the kids were not accustomed to sending the children to a legitimate school, and therefore showed little to no interest in their education. Many of the parents idly sat in the shelter room for the majority of the day, doing nothing but watching TV shows. Some parents had not attained a proper education, and therefore were illiterate. Families of the Students (After the Influence of Stacey Bess) Mrs. Bess was determined to get the help she needed from the parents. It was hard for a teacher to effectively teach children without the support of the parents. After confronting the parents about the importance of following up with the education of their children, Mrs. Bess managed to effectively get the message across. The parents began to help the children complete their homework, and used their personal talents to help contribute to the education of the kids. The school environment hindered learning because the teacher lacked the basic necessities needed to teach the children. The building itself was an old railway system, in no condition to serve as a classroom for young children.The building was extremely desolate, and was in major need of proper up-keep. The classroom originally had no desks, and was immersed in a layer of filth. The school even lacked a proper support system, there was no principal or custodian for Mrs. Bess to refer to. Problems with the School Environment Since the children came from poor uneducated families without homes, no one thought that there was any hope for the children. They neglected trying to educate the children. However, Stacey Bess knew that the children had great potential within them. She helped mold their education, and proved that they were just as significant as other children were. Without the perseverance of individuals such as Stacey Bess, homeless children might not have been entitled to a proper education. In 1987, the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act was passed, and over the years it has been modified to better suit the needs of homeless children. This act made it easier for homeless children to attend the same public schools as other kids. Impact on Society Overview When an individual sets out to solve a problem, they have the potential to change society as a whole. Stacey Bess set out to help improve the lives and education of several children. However, she became a role-model for other people wanting to improve the education of homeless children. Nowadays, homeless children are given the opportunity to receive a proper education, and have a better chance to be successful in life. This shows how the ideas of one person can end up impacting many others. By Varshni and Landry
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