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Global Semiconductors Inc.

485 Case Study

Taylor Atkinson

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Global Semiconductors Inc.

Questions? Examples From
Other Companies 2. Use 3PL for transportation
-Reduce lead times
-Lower logistics costs overall
-Reduces amount of assets Our Solution 1. Better Collaboration
-Cross functional teams
-Integration of IS's
-Key suppliers
-Major customers Our Solution -Pros
-More expertise while maintaining control of product
-Maintain customer relationships
-More expensive than 3PL in long run Hire Logistics Consultant -Pros
-Lower Costs
-More Expertise
-Fewer logistics assets
-Loss of control of distribution
-May hurt customer relationships Use 3PL -Pros
-Real-time Inventory Levels
-Better Communication throughout supply chain
-Takes time and resources to manage relationships Better Business Collaboration -Pros
-Fewer Warehouses
-Less Redundant Inventory
-Lower risk of stockouts
-Capital Intensive
-Time Intensive New Distribution Network -New Distribution Network
-Better Business Collaboration
-Use 3PL
-Hire Logistics Consultant
-Different mode of transportation Possible Solutions -Competitors cutting delivery times and prices
-Logistics team didn’t have a plan
-Distribution networks and worldwide manufacturing not designed for that level of responsiveness Causes -Loss of Market Share to Competitors
-Could meet lower prices, but couldn’t
meet delivery times. Problem Global Semiconductors Inc. With better collaboration, communication, streamlining our supply chain, and using a 3PL to handle our transportation, prices stay low and delivery cycles can be cut in half. Summary 3. New Distribution Network
-Reduce Number of Warehouses
-Better Placement of Warehouses
-Make transshipments available Our Solution Market Share Slide Taylor Atkinson Tyler Krischel Jeff Letizia GSI -Was perennial powerhouse in semiconductor industry
-Recognized Brand
-State of the art technology
-Great customer relationships ($1000-$5000 per day) National Semiconductor -Implemented 3PL with UPS
-Saved 20% of its distribution costs
-Has capability to handle 12 million
inbound chips per day
-Can deliver product within 48 hrs GSI -Was perennial powerhouse in semiconductor industry
-Recognized Brand
-State of the art technology
-Great customer relationships What Is a
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