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Convention of Romantic Drama

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Ebony Daley

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Convention of Romantic Drama

Conventions of Romantic Drama.
Conventions Of Romantic Drama.
Tordoorov's Equilibrium/ Disequilibrium Theory.
When considering the range of diverse Romantic Drama’s it is quite hard to pin point all the features used. In this presentation I will analyse the main conventions that disifer Romantic Drama’s from other genres. In this presentation I will look closely at convention of Romantic Drama using Mise-en-scene, Clamps , editing etc. I may look at theories such as Tordov’s Equilibrium and disequilibrium theory to study the genre of Romantic Drama.
Romantic Dramas are hybrids and tend to use conventions associated with both genres. Though a drama which is applicable to all sexes due to the fact that it is also a romance makes it more appealing to the females or effeminate males. However, the genre still uses convention of both a romance and a drama so despite being a Romance you can still find mild action and pressing topics due to the influence of Drama.
Unlike the clothing of a Horror or action which clearly distinguish the heroines and villains through clothing, romantic dramas commonly don’t; well only subtly. This helps create suspense as the audience has to thing about the roles of the characters and delve a little deeper than clothing to establish the character. – makes them pay more intent attention.
However, clothing usually associate with romances is lose but styled clothing for males coupled with a smart shirt, top button undone to create an individual style yet remaining calm and casual to appeal to the audience. Whereas in Dramas, (pressing dramas) the men usually wear suites, groomed to perfection and clean. This is similar to women as in dramas as they usually wear sophisticated tight clothing to establish power in contrast to a Romance when women usually wear lose fitting clothes or body shaping clothes to accentuate their bodies. – (something for the dads) In Romantic Dramas directors tend to use both of types of styling but just chooses when to use them in the movie create the most effect and generate personalities.

Sound varies quite extensively in dramas. The sound in drama is always used to emphasis the scene and draw suspense. In romantic dramas the music usually used will be from an either up and coming artist/band or a very famous band which will help to publishes the song and the movie.
The music usually used is easily relatable to by an audience where they can draw a connection through the lyrics or the melody. This is why over this presentation I have used a song by ‘Artic Monkeys – Do you wonna know’. As this song portrays and highlight the mellow tone that many dramatic movies thrive from off their audience.
This is done by the use of Non Diegetic and Diegetic sound.
Iconography in Dramas both standard and Romantic is piled onto the audience in heaps and mounds. They do this by creating suspense amongst characters this can be through speech, sound lighting and other areas of mis-en-scene. When iconography is created enigma is immediately instigated – Who are they? And Why?
Iconic symbols in Dramas can range from a variety of things but one of the most representative of the mood within in a scene and genre is finger prints. Finger prints are commonly used in Dramas to create suspense and instigate irrational fear into the audience. Another signifier commonly used in Dramas is red lipstick, or different shades lipstick to represent deviance. The changing colour of female or male characters lipstick creates uncertainty within a scene and in some instances can indicate to the audience the motive of the character.

Stage 3
The sudden realisation of characters that either there is a problem or that there needs to be a resolution.

In Forest Gump the Recognition comes just slight after the disruptions. For instance, the expression of Forests face when Bubba uttered his dying words
"Forest, I wonna go home."
The recognition of Forests face was apparent as his expression dropped. The death of Bubba also lead to the return to home where he then met Lt. Dan which gave Forest a new sense of recognition and accomplishment as another dear friend passed.
Stage 4
Repair and Resolve
The Repair and resolve is centered around the love for and from jenny as Forests mum has not to recently died. The repair comes from the passion and emotion and the resolve came from the resurrection of Jenny's wrong deeds in passionate display of dramatic love
In romantic Drama’s you have a combination of all lighting because when creating a mixed atmosphere for characters one style of lighting would not serve justice. Romantic Dramas use High Key Lighting which signifies Romance, symbolises joy and elation in contrast with Low Key Lighting which is stereotypically associated with Drama, used to create tension and anxed. However if you draw an equilibrium between both extreme’s and use Natural Lighting creating an idealistic backdrop for Romantic Dramas to try and communicate normality. Romantic Dramas such as … primarily use natural lighting throughout the movie as way to connate…
Make Up.
The makeup in Romantic Dramas is usually neutral for most characters. However some characters are painted with darker makeup, this commonly used when trying to through the audience off of the beaten track, enhancing the iconography; making the ending more catastrophic than previously expected.
There are no set props that ably to all Romantic Drama’s. The only usual common prop would be during a funeral in a Romanic Drama when all black umbrellas are black to signify despair and death. Another prop that could be considered is mobile phones, though generic to most movies besides classical they play a large part of Romantic Drama’s when either receiving calls from the villain or the romantic in choice. Despite this phones are ALWAYS used to create any form of suspense or tell the audience something that the characters are yet to know. – taken
Romantic Dramas has a diverse range of settings they can range for poverty stricken countries or big cities such as New York. Romantic Drama’s will always differ from places to keep the audience concentrated. For instance a lot of Romantic Dramas tend to start off where the trouble is situated (flash backs/ Flash forwards) and then gravitate back to the central place of the movie.
The Notebook
Dear John.
500 Days of Summer.
Dear John
Low lighting used to create empathy and highlight the severity of the situation.
High Key Lighting.
The phone in Taken and many other Drama's is used almost like a main character, due the importance of it's presence within a scene.
This movies highlights the sophistication commonly found in Dramas instead of romance, highlighting the difference between them.
In this Fame of One Day the contrast in clothing highlights the Romanticism and Drama within a scene. The suit stereotypically signifies Drama whereas the loose clothing signifies youth and freedom and relaxation more common with Romance than Drama.
Or if you're Channing Tatum... you don't wear any clothes at all...
Actors and Actresses such as Channing Tatum, Leonardo Di'Caprio (titanic, romeo and juliet, etc.) Hugh Grant are renowned for staring in large high flying Romantic Drama’s. This can be down to many elements such as stature, or appearance but mostly because the audience will find it easier to connect with them on a one to one level as they are used to seeing them in the same type of genre frequently, playing the same roles.
Anna Hathaway is commonly associated with Romantic Drama due to her diverse appearance: soft, calming, natural with an added hint of seduction. This is emphasised by her numerous appearances in romantic Dramas like: One Day, Love and Other Drugs, Broke Back Mountain etc.

Example of usual diegetic sound conventions in Drama and Romantic Drama movies.

• The sounds of the atmosphere
• Vocals
• Foot prints
• Bodily reactions

Stage 1
The State of Equilibrium.
will eThis is at the start of the movie and establishes an equal norm between the situation of all characters. this may not essentially be a positive norm but it still the way things originate.
In Drama's this norm can conventionally be good or bad atmosphere. However, when the original equilibrium is positive for the characters it adds more anxed, emotion and suspense when the characters enter the second stage 'Disruption'.

This stage of equilibrium is usually where you meet the 'Princess' or the 'Hero' in Propp's Theory of 8 character narrative function.
8 Character Narrative Function
Propp coined the 8 character narrative function which determines the generic roles of characters. He exclaims that there are 8 charcater types to every movie.
These are:
The Hero
Usually a male character but can be female. (mostly in contemporary film)
In this instance I am going to use the Drama
The Villain
Troublemaker, the bringer of the disruption or bad karma.

In Forest Gump there was no real villian character... The main villian in Forest Gump is life. Forest Gump basically portrays how life can give you amazing achievements but death and loss is always prominent no matter who you are.
The Princess
Usually female character coined as the damsel in distress.
The Helper
The Dispatcher
Lt. Dan
The Doner
Doners can be in some sense a narrator as they are an over lying power that presents knowledge to a situation
The Father
Forest Gumps mother in essence is the father as she is the one that provides all the maternal love nd support that forest requires and is family. The only real relative to Forest.
The False Hero.
The False Hero in Forest Gump is hope.
"Life is like a box of Chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get."
Stage 2
In the second stage of the movie is disruption. In Drama's this usually happens when a character takes a wrong course or an unexpected journey resulting in either kidnapping or disaster.
For instance in Forest Gump there are several elements of disruption. For instance the death of his friend Bubba.
New Equilibrium
Forrest Gump
Bubba was the main helper and best friend to Forrest. Bubba was Forests main support for the entire time in the war.
When considering Drama there are 2 main categories Dramas movies fit into. These categorised by Summer Drama and Kidnapping Drama. Summer Drama is the more romantic Drams that have touching themes such as personal loss or gain through some means or another. For instance King Kong would fit into the Summer Drama section but in essence could (kinda) fit into the kidnapping section as King Kong is stolen from his home... However the connation towards love is too grand for the audience to make the same connection with the Kidnapping.
Well established kidnapping genres would be movies such as taken which clearly demonstrates the difference between kidnapping drama and summer.
This does not isolate either drama from having some romantic themes running through the movie. The separation between summer and kidnapping simply helps establish the theme to the audience better as Drama is such a popular well done genre.

Non Diegetic
Example of usual non diegetic sound conventions in Drama and Romantic Drama movies.

• Screaming
• Solemn music
• Piano/ violin
• Flash back noise

The non diegetic sound in that scene of the movie King Kong highlights the use of violins and solemn music to create drama and enhance tragedy.
Red Lips are commonly associated with seduction and are commonly used in Drama to create an overtly sexual tension between a selection of Characters.
It also defines the role of female characters as in typical romantic Dramas a female character that wears ostentatious lip attire is more dominating and charismatic to intensify the drama.
The make up in the Great Gatsby is exenterated to suit the period of time the movie was originally set in. This is why the women are very naturally beautiful and their looks are just enhanced with makeup and hair and not created like most modern day women and actresses.
This is why the use on lip stick slightly darker than models lips doesn’t distract away from her natural beauty along with the darker natural lashes created with makeup but designed to look natural. This helps the genre of romance and drama as the audience will fall in love with a naturally beautiful character than one edited and manipulated to look desirable.

A rose is possibly the best signifier when it comes to romantic drama. The definition in the colour and the texture creates a beautiful oxymoron. The contrast in texture of the rose’s stalk in comparison to the soft delicate petals on the top displays the general theme of most generic theme/ feel to most romantic dramas. Directors use this connotation with the rose to portray to the audience the delicacy of a weaker/ timid character and the harsh reality of the world/ scene they are currently in.
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