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준석 서

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Menton Bank case As a new starter of banking business, which ability should be put forth?
Operational effectiveness? or Marketing effectiveness? Building personalized relationship with customer Ability required for the head of CSR position? Why Warshawski? 1. Performance scores of the CSRs Q&A Repositioning of menton bank As was To be corporate-oriented individual-oriented Off -line centered Passive Looks professional Online centered suggestive/aggressive Customer friendly Based on its to-be position, Basic Focus strategies for services Breadth of service offerings Number of
served Narrow Wide Few Service-focused Unfocused
(Every thing for Every one) Fully focused Market focused Many Outgoing Personality Being able to provide customized services for each customer Selling effectiveness rather than operational effectiveness. 2. Personality check Positioning map standardized
corporate-centered customized
Individual-centered Operationally effective Marketing-effective As was To-be Out of other candidates.. Karen mitchell selling effectiveness Jean Warshawski > Karen mitchell Jean Warshawski > First half Second half 21 out of 30 28 out of 30 13 out of 30 12 out of 30 Interactions with customers
have a natural ability to size up a customer and to decide which ones were good prospects for a quick sales pitch on a specific financial products.. Ranked ahead of other candidates as a result of being successful in consultative selling
* Tripled the number of automated teller machines.

* Renew old branches

* Introduce automated telephone banking

* Redesign bank's website
Identify the steps taken by Menton Bank to develop a stronger customer orientation in its retail branches. * Internet banking services

* New credit cards

* Training programs Table of contents Summary
Question 1~4
Q&A Question Summary of case Menton Bank was the largest bank in the region

Before focused on corporate business, now on retail customer banking business

There is a new CEO who changes the organization of the bank

Offer more technological services. Question 2. Compare and contrast the jobs of CAR and CSR. How important is each (a) to bank operations and (b) to customer satisfaction? -CARs major function to provide the service and guidance to customer and build the relationship with customers.

-CSRs guide the customers for the operations of the banks and try to provide the quality service to customers, also plays active role in developing and maintaining good customers relations.

A) To Bank operations

CSRs lead here, they try to carry on the bank operations, and they have different responsibility to maintain all the records as well as to carry the operations.

b) To customers satisfaction

CARs are the people who satisfied the potential customers, they sell the banks products. If the customer is satisfied they will buy the products. Karen Question What are the strength and weakness of Karen Mitchell and other candidates for head CSRs ? Strength Weakness Richter Warshawski Highest scoring CSR
Diploma in business administration
Three and-a- half year experience Low selling effectiveness
Don’t want to get extra worry and responsibility
Gave importance to her job rather than customers What action do you recommend for filling the head CSR position? Question Conclusion Cheerful women
Interactions with customer exceptionally
Good analysis on the specific financial products.

Inaccuracy on numbers
She is slightly untidy in her personal appearance Got excellent evaluation
Three year experience
Other experience to handle new accounts and loan or mortgage applications No prior experience on consultative selling
His degree is not complete right now Providing a variety of service makes it safe from turbulence.
Need to differentiate it self form its competitor Opportunity Threat
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