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First Day of Art Class

No description

Taryn McKeeth

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of First Day of Art Class

Welcome to Art Class
Junior/Senior High School Art Class
School Rules and Expectations
- Be Kind
- Be Safe
- Be Respectful
- Work Hard
Get-to-know You Game
- I want to get to know all of you and give you a chance to get to know each other if you haven't had the opportunity to do so before.

- Here is a fun game we can play as a class to make our first day more enjoyable

- explain rules
Why do we have these rules?
My name is Ms. McKeeth
- I'm new here!
- I grew up in a small town
- I have horses
- My hobbies are taking photography and HUNTING
- I love to eat all kinds of food
Things to know about Art
- Art can be taught and everyone who wants to learn can learn how to successfully create a work of art.

- Practice makes perfect!

- Art is in everything you see. Artist design things
you see and use in your life. Examples: toothbrush,
billboards, games, electronic devices,
commercials, ext...

- Knowledge of art history makes
you a well rounded person
Art Expectations
- Pick up after yourself. Leave the room as clean as you found it or better
- Attitude is everything
- Have materials out and ready to start a fun filled day of art and creating!
- No throwing anything in class
- No inappropriate language or talk
Fun in Art Class
- We can listen to music if everyone continues working productively

- We will be watching some fun video clips

- We can be creative and if you have any ideas you would like to try let me know and we can discuss them

- We will have seating charts so I can start to remember everyone's name and if we need them but I like it when we can sit where we want during work time!
Procedures for Art Class
- Come to class prepared to work, with good attitudes, and materials ready.

_ Everyone should be seated when I take attendance.

- We will go over what we should be doing at the beginning of each class
- If you have questions raise your hand and I will come around and answer them
- I will have written instructions on the board each day with any information you need to know.

- Art class is NOT the time to gossip and chat with friends. We are here to work and we need to be in our right brains when we create art!

- At the last 5 minutes of class we will have time to clean up areas. Help a neighbor if you are done with your area. (Remind Me!)

A = 100 – 94%
B = 93 – 87%
C = 86 – 80%
D = 79 – 75%
F = 74% and under
Students that do their

, use
class time wisely
, and
turn work in

on time
will get a
. Students who go
above and beyond
what is asked or expected will get
Due Dates and Participation
- Homework will be turned in at the beginning of class.
(We do NOT have much homework)

- Any project or homework assignment that is turned in late will lose 10% each day it is late.

- If you talk to me a few days
in advance
to explain why you may need
more time
on a project you
receive an

I have seen you using your class time wisely and
you usually turn your work in on time. (if I see that you are talking/wasting your art time and if you usually turn in homework/projects in late then you will not get an extension)

- You
Must participate
in class discussions and critiques to get an A. This means, no matter how good of an "artist" you are you still need to participate to get a good grade.
Extra Credit
Extra credit may be done if approved first, and also must be seen by the teacher as it is in progress, BUT ONLY if all other work has been completed.

Works may consist of additional art assignments in any medium and/or reports
demonstrations to the class
research papers on art related topics

An extra credit project may increase your lowest grade up to a 10% improvement.
- I have to sign you a pass in your pass book in order to leave the classroom.

- It should have: Your Destination
My Signature
Time OUT
Time IN
- Anyone caught roaming the halls will report to the
principals office
Lets Make This a Fun Year



- Have a great rest of your day and come prepared for our next class with a positive attitude and ready to start on our first project!
Absences and Tardiness
- If You get done early do some extra credit sketchbook work.

- You can talk to me about getting started on the next project.

- In
cases you will be allowed to work on other homework if you
ask me first.
- On days we have extra class time we will go over vocabulary and objectives from the lesson.

- Everyone is to be seated until the bell rings. There will be NO lining up at the door!

- If everyone behaves and has done a good job in class I may let the class go early.

- REMEMBER, I Dismiss you... NOT the Bell!!!
Touch-up/Re-do a Project

Positive Attitude
You choose how you feel!
We all make mistakes. How are you going to fix it?
Your day is what you make it!
Treat others the way you would want to be treated
We all have bad days
Buzzy Bucks
Lets Make Some RULES
If you have any questions about me just ask...I'm an open book!
Art is NEVER finished
If we have a critique or you hand in your work and you get a comment from me or a classmate or if you just see something that you would like to fix or add, DO IT! And then turn it back in to me with a note attached so I can adjust your grade.
Art is never finished, only abandoned.
—Leonard da Vinci

- If you were gone: Any information you need come and see me or a friend so we can get you caught up.

You must do 10 pushups if you walk in the door late without a pass

- If you are late 3 or more times a semester then you will have a written note sent home to get signed by a parent or guardian.
What do you want in your Art Class Room?
!Art Room Rules!
We talk about our rules as we go so you won't forget but here are some basic rules:
Put Paint in a bucket next to the sink...NEVER down the drain!
Do NOT touch anyone's artwork but your own!
Clay needs to go in a BUCKET... NOT down the sink!
When the teach is talking you are listening!
Pick up after yourself! (You are responsible young adults)
Stay out of the other rooms unless I allow you to enter the space.
Be Polite, no arguing please!
If you are waiting at the door please be courteous of others!
We have Computers! NO Cell Phone
If you ever need to talk I am here to listen!
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