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Women in Sport

No description

Harriet Johnson

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Women in Sport

Harriet Johnson

Women in Sport
What's the story?
What's on TV?
National Campaign to engage more women in sport on wide range of media platforms:
Website, YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Google +, Cinemas, TV, magazines, Newspapers, Billboards

Almost 8 million YouTube views; Over 9K followers on Instagram; 63.2K Twitter Followers; 217K Facebook Likes.
Why Does This Matter?
For Anymore

All About Me...
2011-12 2nd XI Player

2012-13 1st XI Player
1st XI BUCS Captain

2013-14 1st XI Player
Ladies Hockey President

2014-15 1st XI Player
Ladies Hockey Publicity Sec
The Bigger Picture:

UEA 2nd XI 2011-12
UEA Ladies Hockey BUCS 1stXI Captain 2012-13
Maxus Assessment Day 2015
UEA Ladies 1st XI 2013-14 *almost* undefeated
UEA Ladies 1st XI Derby Day Champions (After 4 LONG years)

Elite Level:
World Cup Prize Money (BBC, 2014):
£630,000 Japan (2011)
£22million Germany (2014)

Grassroots Level:
40.9% of men play sport once a week compared to 30.3% of women- nearly 2 million more men than women! (Media Sport and Culture committee, 2014).
Qualitative Gains from Sport?
of Women in C-suite positions have played competitive sport (Ernst and Young, 2014).

Average starting salary for a graduate who played sport at university is
, versus £26,278 (Deloitte, 2015).
The Bigger Picture:
Quantifying Gains from Sport?
Funding and Participation in Women's Sport
of Commercial Investment to women's sport (WSFF, 2014).
2% Newspaper Coverage
10% Television Coverage
Women's Elite sport and the Media
More Money
More Media attention
More Sponsorship deals
Higher wages for
Attracts more
people to the sport
Higher Standard of play
Larger Audiences
Women's Grassroots Sport and the Media
Sport England
Women's Sport and
Fitness Foundation
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