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Fever 1793 By Laurie Halse Anderson

for Period 6 English

Ruby Hersch

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Fever 1793 By Laurie Halse Anderson

Matilda "Mattie" Cook Fever 1793 By Laurie Halse Anderson Journal Entry: November 14, 1793

Dear Journal,

The past four month’s I have been through mournful, exhausting, and burdensome events. Yellow Fever hit and Grandfather and I fled to the Ludington’s to seek shelter. During the ride Grandfather was checked by an officer and was deemed sick. We were kicked off of the wagon. Later, I was hit with yellow fever and was taken by Grandfather to Bush Hill. At Bush Hill, I was taken care of by Miss. Flagg. Then Grandfather and I were taken back to Philadelphia on a Orphan wagon.
We found the coffee house had been broken into. And later that night robbers broke in and in an act to try to save me Grandfather dies. I struggle to let him go so I follow the death cart to Grandfathers soon to be resting place. Then, I found Eliza and things got better from there. Now I am home with my mother we live happily and Nathaniel and I are to get married soon.

Matilda Cook
This is me when I am at the Luddington's
for afternoon tea. This is a picture of Mother, Grandfather, and I infront
of the coffee house. Mother Grandfather Me This is a picture Grandfather took of the people at Bush Hill
taking care of me while I made my greatest
accomplishment surviving yellow fever. This a leave of a willow tree that I took when i was getting water while Grandfather was resting. NB This is the picture of flowers that Nathaniel painted for
me before I left. This is signicicant because these flowers flash through my mind all of the time. This is a image of my hometown, Philadelphia. Pictured here is the Market Place. Peale Paint This is a photo from my point of view after we had been kicked off the wagon. This is a picture of me outside the Peale's Paintshop when NB through flowers at me. Dear Mother,

The time without has been extremely difficult. My life has gone from o.k. to horrible. As you know you sent me to the Ludington’s for shelter from yellow fever yet, I am currently in the hospital covered in vile. My worries go to you. Has Yellow Fever left your body and come to others? Oh how I wish for the day when this is all over. I find it sort of funny now. Yellow Fever ending is it really possible. Well I hope I will survive long enough to see the day were the first frost begins and we will be together. Bye for now.

Letter to Mother: This is a photograph of my friends and I. Prezi Presentation By: Ruby Hersch Dear Mattie,

Your Letter makes me feel worrisome. Perhaps you should go outside to get fresh air if in the country, if not listen to the doctors Matilda they are there to help you. I have survived the fever but, I’m not the way I use to be. The little things are such a struggle now and even though I will regain most of what I lost some of the damage is permanent. Do not fret, the fever will be over soon but, the worst is to come. Stay healthy and safe and we will see each other when it frosts.

Lucille Cook
Letter from Mother: Here are some of Mrs. Eplier's Eggs. Which is significant because it was given to her when she returned to the Market Place for the first time. This is the bishop from Grandfather's Chess set. This is signicicant because it was almost stolen the night the robbers came. This is Mother's Chest in our bedroom. I took some clothes when coming back from the hospital covered in bile. This is Grandfather's Sword from the army. This is significant because I used it to chase the robbers away the night of Grandfather's death. Dear Journal,

Hardworking Mattie here. Not strong Mattie, weak Mattie, or Lazy Mattie. You see I have changed so much since the days were I was a girl you didn’t care and who didn’t want to care into a woman. Everyone who fled from fever has said I have turned into one. I am proud no more “child Mattie” I will from this day be just Mattie, for my Mother is just Lucille and Eliza just Eliza. So now I am Mattie just Mattie. The values I have gained the knowledge the tears I might add helped me. Getting to my main point, if there was not Yellow fever there would’ve been no new Mattie. This is a start of something brand-new.

-Matilda Cook
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