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Electronic Payroll Service

Have you signed up for the electronic payroll service?

Philip Isard

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Electronic Payroll Service

Electronic Payroll Service and ADP Online Services Are you ready? Let's begin! Welcome to the presentation on Let's finish with a simple question.... Did you sign-up for the electronic
payroll service? Thought about your response?
Was the answer.... What is an electronic
payroll statement
& why should I sign up? You may be asking yourself.... (Glad you asked!) Provides secure, confidential access to pay & tax information whenever you want. As an added bonus, it reduces the need to have a paper file! an online database for all your payroll information, statements, & tax information an easy, accessible website to view & print pay statements anywhere, anytime Helps save on administrative costs AND reduces our carbon footprint! So, now that you know what an Electronic Payroll Statement is,
and why it's a good idea .... (Actually...that wasn't my response.) (or maybe you
have other reasons....) Well, here are several advantages
to signing up for.... ADP Online Services Have you changed your mind? For information, please email Diane Collier or Susan Legault YES? NO! It's a great solution! And, I'm really excited about this service! I'm not interested in this service.
I prefer paper statements. Reason One "I prefer a paper copy
over an electronic pay stub" Reason Two "I may forget to review my payroll information if I receive an electronic statement. The paper copy is a good reminder." Reason Three "I'm worried that I'll forget my password
and concerned about having this information on the internet." And start receiving electronic
payroll statements today. # ONE # Two # Three It helps to reduce our carbon footprint at the United Church (a GREAT environmental outcome) and saves on administrative costs ADP Online Services is a secure, protected website and accessible only by you. It ensures your payroll information is safer than your desk drawer. Once a subscriber, all your payroll information will be a simple click away. View & print from anywhere, anytime. So... and, thanks for watching! Pick yes! What is an electronic pay statement? Why should I sign up?
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