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Class Dojo

No description

Michelle Hylton

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Class Dojo

Class Dojo
Cool Tool Presentation

What are the Opportunities?
Help with goals for both the class and the students individually
Strengthen parent-teacher relationship
Behavior data accessible at all times
Get students involved
Enhance "Classroom Behavior Management Plan"
What are the Strengths?
Easy to use on the Smart Board, laptop, iPad, mobile device
Gives students instant feedback
Teachers can easily share behavior data with parents
Parents and students can track behavior at home
Focuses on positive behavior
Use to track class attendance
Helps teachers set goals and rewards for students
What are the Weaknesses ?
Student achievement public
Can become a distraction
What is Class Dojo?
Michelle Anne Hylton
EME4401: Integrating Technology into the Elementary Classroom

A helpful web 2.0 tool that helps teachers record and manage student behavior in the classroom.
Helpful Links:

What are the Threats?
Strengthen parent-teacher relationship
Get students involved
Accessibility at all times
Enhance classroom behavior management
Competition in the classroom
Student dependency
Not all parents will be able to access
Strengthen parent-teacher relationship
Get students involved
Enhance behavior management plan
Behavior data accessible at all times
Goals for individual students
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