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No description

victor portillo

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of ocean

oceans plankton is a mixture of a plant
and animal life in the open ocean,
away from dha shore the plankton is also
the main food source in
the ocean. Alegae is the name of plants that grows under the water ocean animals are called marine animals
the ocean is home of huge variety of animals
including fishs and mammals animals with shells are called mollusks the average of temperture of all
oceans is about 39 degress tropical oceans are warm and
clear on the surface
the suns heat only warms the oceans
surface. many toxic cemicals are really harmful
to the ocean popullating the ocean
is causing global warming
some human activites
are boosting ocean tempeture 70 percent of the earth is made out of
the ocean littering is killing alot of fishs and mammals ocean plants
ocean animals
ocean temputers
human impact
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