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Woodside High School Presentation

No description

Katie Steele

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Woodside High School Presentation

Woodside High School
Sequoia Union High School District

School Strengths
Woodside's course completion rate for UC/CSU schools increased from 2006-2009 (42.6% to 53.8%)

From 2008-2009, Woodside's rate of post high school education attendance (any form of continuing education) exceeded district and state average

From 2008-2009, the number of Woodside graduates attending four-year schools exceeded the number attending two-year community colleges (97 vs. 94 students).
Recap: Troubling Data
Increase of students on free/reduced lunch

Number of students taking PSAT/SAT/ACT is low (and scores aren't great).

Increase in AP pass rate, but not great compared to district pass rate

UC/CSU course completion rates above the state average, but most recently lower than district

Actual college enrollment is low and decreasing
Woodside High School appears to be simply "getting students through high school"

There seems to be a low indication of "college bound culture."

Of students that are eligible to attend UC/CSU schools, enrollment is low

Community college enrollment is low
Areas for Improvement & Overall Goals
Keep SAT scores from their steady decline & increase scores

Increase PSAT/SAT participation among juniors & seniors

Increase AP test scores

Begin to create a college-bound culture
Strategic Plan
SAT: Strategies for Improvement
Advanced Placement Tests: Strategies for Improvement
Creating a College-Bound Culture
CSU/UC/CC Enrollment: Strategies for Improvement
Woodside: Test Data
Lessons Learned
Pre-Post Comparison
The End
Woodside, CA (Northern California)

Mascot: Wilbur the Wildcat

Campus: Suburban

School Colors: Orange, Black, White

Woodside High School
Free/Reduced Lunch Breakdown
Bottom Line: Why are so few students taking the PSAT/SAT/ACT?
Woodside: AP Placement Data
The Basic Breakdown: Special Issue
Bottom Line: Free/reduced lunch rates are increasing

Bottom line: Approx. same # of students taking AP tests as SAT. AP pass rate falls between 50-60%
USC/CSU Course Completion Rates
Bottom line: Completion rates are well above state average, but still low. Most recently, they are below the district average.
By: Katie Steele, Lindsey Provencher, & Adrian Dixon
Involved: Parents, Teachers, Counselors, Volunteers
Timeline: Want 25% increase in PSAT/SAT participation by end of year. Want 10% increase in improved scores in the next year

10 min daily of SAT prep in classes
Extra credit in math/english for taking SAT/PSAT
Senior mentor program
Special recognition/tiered raffle @ SAT awards brunch
Involved: Counselors, Teachers, Parents
Timeline: Increase test participation by 20% in one year; Increase improved tests scores by 15%

AP info focus @ back to school night/parent flyers
Re-evaluate AP curriculum/organize teacher training
Teachers-test prep throughout the year
Who is Involved: EVERYONE!
Timeline: Ongoing

College Week
College visits
College Fever Day
Posting acceptance letters
Alumni Panel in December
Who is involved: School community
Timeline: First week of June/last week of school

Incentive: Farewell Festival
Incentives require extra money, resources, and support-how do you do this?

Need to provide more resources for minority students (other than Latinos)

Focus on teaching for long term success instead of just immediate results
PSAT/SAT: Improved scores increased by 15%. Participation increased by 25%

AP Tests: Participation in AP classes/tests increased by 25%, improved scores increased by 10%

College Bound Culture: Determined by enrollment rates; large participation at college nights, fairs, and spirit week
Pre-Post Comparison & Next Steps
Met all goals for PSAT/SAT/ACT

Met participation goals for AP Tests; score goal fell short by 10%

Creating a college bound culture has been a success

Would like to continue to increase scores/participation @ same rate every year
Presentation Overview
School Information and Demographics
Troubling Issues/Strengths
Area of Focus
Strategic Plan
Results & Lessons Learned
Pre-Post Comparison
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