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National Union of Bank Employees

Issues regarding injustice

Tjay Rajandram

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of National Union of Bank Employees

Which union
N.U.B.E national union
representing workers
in the banking and financial
institutions in
Peninsular Malaysia INTRODUCTION to serve, protect and provide for its members
to regulate the lives of every workman VISION
MISSION To regulate relations between employers and members as regards salaries, wages and conditions of employment OBJECTIVES
SUBSIDY ISSUE 1 wages in Malaysia had been depressed
for the past 30 years, partly due
to the influx of cheap foreign labor’s,
and this had widened
the gap between the poor and rich,
causing an uneven distribution of wealth. TERMINATION OF TWO
Abdul Jamil Jalaludeen and Chen Ka Fatt,
NUBE’s vice-president and
general treasurer respectively,
for carrying the banner
“Maybank robs poor Malaysian workers”
in Geneva last year Bonus claims and legality
of an in-house union
for non-executive personnel ISSUE 3 A new union known as the
Maybank Non-Executive Employees Union Mayneu
was set up last October and
registered three months later
under the Trade Union Act 1959
in January this year
to represent the lower-level workers. PAY PERFORMANCE BONUS
PILGRIMAGE LEAVE ISSUE 4 human resources minister referred the dispute
to the Industrial Court as the union
wanted the bank to pay performance bonuses
and demanded pilgrimage leave
for its Muslim union members
and bank officers to be standardised. ISSUE 5 MINIMUM WAGE workers’ groups said the amount
set by the government was still very low and
could barely support families,
especially in the urban areas. Inflation
is at an all-time high and workers are
struggling to cope with soaring food prices.
The minimum wage should be set
at RM1,500 so that workers
will receive a dignified income in line
with the government’s aspiration
to form a high-income society RECOMMENDATION E-union CONCLUSION The more skilled workers,
the more female workers, the
greater flexibility in job design
and use of information and
communication technology
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