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Individual Inquiry Presentation

What is energy? by Maria Sole Negri on 10 February 2015

MSA Negri

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Individual Inquiry Presentation

What is Energy?
"by Maria Sole Negri - 5th grade class 208
Look around you!
Is anything moving?
Sure... something is making something else happen, and most probably, there is some power at work. This power or ability to make things happen is what we can call energy. It makes things happen. It makes change possible.
My hypothesis is that thanks to energy, everything around all of us moves. Without energy we could not be alive, we wouldn't be able to live our life as we do, nature would not exist.
Energy moves cars and makes airplanes fly. It plays music on the radio and lights our homes. Energy is needed for our bodies and any alive thing.
The two most important energies are:
Potential Energy is a stored energy, a good example could be the water in a lake, the oil in a barrel. This energy is a potential energy that could be transformed in another type of energies later. This energy is referred to as potential energy, because if it were released, it would create other types of energy.
Potential Energy
Kinetic Energy
Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Moving water and wind are good examples of kinetic energy. Another good example is a car in motion.
The other types of energies are:
Mechanical Energy, an example of it is the wind as it turns a windmill.
Heat energy, an example is a fire in your fireplace.
Chemical Energy, a good example of chemical energy is food.
Nuclear Energy
Electrical Energy, an example of electrical energy is the charger that charges the battery in the phone. In nature lightning is an example of electrical energy in nature.
Gravitational Energy, an interesting example of gravitational energy is water flowing down a waterfall or person standing on a board on the water.
Energies facts:
The law of Conservation of energy states that energy can only be transformed, it can't be created or destroyed
It can move from one object to another
Examples of energy are heat energy, elastic potential energy, chemical energy, sound energy, nuclear energy, geothermal energy and gravitational energy.
The more an object can stretch the more elastic potential energy it has
Energy can be transformed from one form to another: Lighting = electric energy -> sound and light
Food contains chemical energy which is used by living organisms such as humans and animals to grow.



Amazing Energy Experiments
Il Libro dei Perche?
I want to share with you this interesting video:
Thanks for watching
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