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patagonian mara

No description


on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of patagonian mara

patagonian mara habitat
the patagonian mara leaves in tall grass to keep its self hidden from hunters
patagonian mara

the patagonian mara
danger or not
yes there alomost in danger on how much pepole like to eat them
when the two patagonian mara get with each othere they stay for there rest of there life an when the mate it take s 5 mounths for the babby to come
which animal class
he patagonian mara class is rodent class is on how small there are an don't eat meat
patagonian mara diet
this anmails dont eat meat the eat plants they mostly feed on plans an love to eat grass
patagonian mara in person
there size is 27 to 30 inces long an weight is 27_30 pounds
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