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Professional Growth Inventory

No description

Leah Ryan

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Professional Growth Inventory

Want Growth? #1 Concept Based
Instruction #2 Multiple Intelligences #4 Action Research #3 Reflection You've got it! You've GOT it ! Pulling focus concepts to organize my teaching.

Relating concepts throughout subjects. Challenging myself to think outside of my "Kinesthetic" Box! I have noticed my students displaying more strengths when I present multiple intelligences. Recognizing how important Data Analysis is in my daily reflections, and not just assuming my first thought. Howard Gardner's... I've examined my assessments more now than ever before, due to my findings in my reseach.. Reflection & Data Analysis has made me a better teacher and learner. IDEA has given me different points to reflect on that I may not always look at. You GOT IT! Relationships Order Patterns
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