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Intelligence of Great Apes

Gorillas and Chimpanzees and Orangutans and Capuchin monkeys and ya!

Lewis Gardner

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Intelligence of Great Apes

Intelligence of Great Apes
In this Prezi you will learn about our cousins, Apes, and how you and I evolved from chimpanzees. You will learn about Lexigrams, ASL and other things that test the intelligence of apes.
These are Lexigrams
A Lexigram is a colorful picture, each one represents an object or idea. Chimpanzees learn to recognize the picture as a word, then pointing at the picture, they can communicate with humans.
Also to communa
ASL is another way to communicate for chimpanzees and gorillas. A well know gorilla who communicates with sign language is Koko. There is also Washoe the chimp at the Central Washington University but she has passed away and there are only two more chimps Tatu and Loulis. Loulis was adopted by Washoe and was taught to sign.
As you can see Koko was being taught how to sign butterfly. Usually the keepers will teach a few words at a time until the the chimp or gorilla has the words down.
As you saw in the last video the man was talking about inequality and fairness. Inequality is the feeling or unfairness or in other words someone gets something better than the other one. Fairness is the feeling of when lets say someone wants to give you and your friend something you get something better than your friend, you would wait until your friend got the same as you that is fairness.
In the last video the man in the video was a researcher who studied great apes. Inequality is the feeling of less rights. Fairness is the feeling of equality.
Politics and Pecking order is a system used by some great apes, it is when a group of animals rank themselves from most powerful to least.
At the Woodland Park Zoo the zoo keeper told me a story about a old gorilla. One day the keepers were throwing apples down to the gorillas. One apple rolled under a bush and a gorilla looked back up with pleading eyes. The keepers kept throwing food. But one keeper felt bad. So she threw another apple down to the other gorilla and as soon as she got it she looked under the bush and got the other apple.
Adoption is a human like thing that chimps do.
Nim was a research chimpanzee. He was taken at 2 weeks after birth and was raised as a human child where he was taught ASL. He learned a total of 125 signs. At age 5 he was returned to the research center, from his human family, because he was too strong and it was no longer safe.
In conclusion apes are very intelligent and not that different from humans. I loved researching apes and someday I'd love to learn even more about them.
P.S. One of the things I discovered when I was researching orangutans was I found out about the dangers of palm oil plantations in Indonesia.The plantations are destroying the nature habitat of the orangutans and with this, they are now on the endangered species list. Please visit RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) www.rspo.org for more information.
Thanks for watching!!!
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