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Future Chefs

No description

Aquila Collins

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Future Chefs

Future Chefs Future Chefs exists to provide young people with pathways forward and to support them in achieving their goals. What is Future Chefs?: Explore the Food Industry
Learn to cook in hands-on classes
Develop skills needed for job placement What will I do with Future Chefs? Events What You Are Capable Of Motivation Do You Want to Move Forward With Future Chefs? Focused Willingness to Learn Positive On the Job Training What You Can Expect From Future Chefs Job Opportunities Internships Dedicated Staff Invaluable Experiences Volunteer Opportunities Resume Building Networking Work Ethic College Support Career Planning Professional Development Industry Experience Confidence Interest in Culinary College Education Get in Contact With a Future Chefs Staff Person Keep in Touch Young Professionals
( I need more ideas here) What We Expect from Future Chefs Can-do Attitude Willingness to Try New Things What Future Chefs Expects From You Join Our Team! Dedication Ready To Work Driven Take Direction Team Player Get Ahead With Future Chefs Skills to Get the Job Done
Confidence to Succeed
Experiences that ROCK!
Volunteer Opportunities to Jazz Up Your Resume
Build Up a Strong Network
It's Who You Know!
Association with a Respected Organization Keep in Touch! This presentation is available for your viewing at www.prezi.com just search "Future Chefs" Join Us After This Presentation to Learn How to Get Started on a Path to Success Any Questions? Any Questions? Formal Apprenticeships Open Communication Ability to Challenge Yourself www.futurechefs.net Work with Staff to Create a Plan
Access jobs through our network
Support of peers with the same goals Job Referrals
Become a Peer Leader
Help Working Your Plan
Help at College or on the job
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