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Monotheistic Religions

This Prezi contains information for the three major monotheistic religions.

Betsy Skalet

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Monotheistic Religions

Monotheistic Religions
Monotheistic religion is a religion with
only one God
In Latin
Mono = one
Theism = God

The Holy Book and Laws
The Holy Book
The Laws and Symbol
Laws and Celebrations
The Holy Book
The founder of Christianity was Jesus. Christianity was founded in Israel. Israel is located in the region of the Middle East
The Holy book of Christianity is called the bible. It includes text from the Old Testament (before Jesus existed) and
New Testament (after Jesus created Christianity)
The Laws of Christianity are based on the Ten Commandments and the text of the New Testament

Major Celebrations are :
Christmas (marking the birth of Jesus)
Easter (Marking the death and resurrection of Jesus)
The founder of Judaism is Abraham. Judaism was also founded in Israel.
The Holy Book of Judaism is called the Torah.
It matches the text of the Old Testament of the Bible.
It is usually presented as a large scroll.
The laws are based on the Ten commandments

The symbol of Judaism is the Star of David
Celebrations include:
Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)
Yom Kippur (Day of fast similar to Good Friday)
Shabbat (weekly service)
Hannukah (celebration of light, minor Holiday)
Islam was founded by Muhammad. According to Islam
background he was sent by Allah (GOD)

Islam was founded in the country of Saudi Arabia which is located in the Middle East region.
The Holy book of Islam is called the Quran.
The laws are based on The Five Pillars
Ramadan - a is a month of fasting where Muslims do not eat during daylight hours.
Eid - which is celebrated in 2 stages: the day after Ramadan is over and again 70 days after Ramadan.
The symbol of Christianity is the Cross
An interesting fact: Hebrew is read backwards
The symbol of Islam is the Crescent Moon and star
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