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No description

Keano Osmillo

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of RUST

What will we talk about? What is rusting?
What causes Iron to rust?
Why does iron rust really badly?
Why does salt make iron rust faster? A short video! What is rust? Rust is the crumbly reddish-brown flakes that form on metal surfaces (We're focusing on iron though)

some things in our daily lives that rust are, garden tools, automobiles, instruments, railings etc...

Rust is simply Iron+Oxygen+Water. If one of the three were missing then there won't be any rust What Causes Iron to Rust As mentioned earlier rust is basically Iron+oxygen+water
The main villain though is oxygen.
Metals react with oxygen in a process called oxidation. This forms an oxide
Again just repeating but the main problem of rusting is all thanks to oxygen. If there was no oxygen theres no rusting. Oxidation Oxidation Oxidation oxidation is a reaction between a metal and oxygen to form oxides
Again this only happens because of oxygen
Only gold is immune to this which is why gold is highly prized
Oxidation though doesn't corrode, deface or destroy other metals as much as it does to iron. Why does iron rust so badly? When iron reacts it forms crumbly reddish-brown flakes. This uncovers the next layer allowing that to rust again
Other metals don't do this. Usually the oxide created forms around the whole metal that it seals the metal from any further attack. How to prevent rusting You could keep it away from too much contact with moisture or oxygen
Don't put away any metal wet, always dry it off first
You could keep it in an airtight bag. This limits the amount of oxygen it is able to react with. Why does salt make iron rust faster When iron rusts the oxygen atoms are taking away the electrons of the iron molecules.
Adding salt to water it makes the water a good conductor of electrons. Thus salt speeds the rusting process by helping deliver the iron atoms' electrons to the oxygen atoms. Summary What is rusting?
Rusting is basically Iron combining with Oxygen and Water without these three things iron will not rust
What causes Iron to rust?
The main culprit is Oxygen which causes the iron to react to form an oxide
Why does iron rust really badly?
Iron rusts really badly because the oxide formed does not protect the metal from from any further damage instead it crumbles away
Why does salt make iron rust faster?
The salt allows the electrons of iron to be delivered quickly to the oxygen to form an oxide WHY DOES IRON RUST SO EASILY? BREATHE IN!

Yeah all that oxygen you just breathed will make you rust inside :O I'm just joking for that to happen you would need to breathe in 100% oxygen for awhile And now a short break with a video of Rusty Cooley a guitarist... I like how his name has "Rust" in it THANKS :)
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