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Concept Map for Creating Patient Goals

No description

Danielle Byrne

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Concept Map for Creating Patient Goals

Assessment Data Patient Demographics Objective Data Subjective Data Sources of Information

Current Chart
Community supports
Old Chart Presenting Complaint Family History Medication Profile Surgical History Medical Conditions Self Identified Risk Factors Physical Assessment Diagnostic Imaging Reports
Laboratory Reports
EKGs Therapeutic Communication Techniques
Active Listening
Seeking Clarification Interview Guides with questions
Open ended
Close ended
Circular Identified Strengths Health Challenges Patient Goal What is the team going to help the patient with to accomplish their goal? What can the patient do for themselves to accomplish their goal? How does the team/patient know they are achieving their goal?
Assess/Monitor/Evaluate What resources are needed to accomplish the patient's goal? SMARTER Goals Specific
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