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Southwest and Central Asia

No description

Cassie Makela

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Southwest and Central Asia

Southwest and Central Asia
Investigation #1 - Oil
How might a valuable natural resource affect a region?

Geoterms - crude oil, nonrenewable resource, oil reserves, renewable resource

Oil in Southwest Asia: How "Black Gold" Has Shaped a Region (Chapter 24, pgs. 357-367)

Investigation #2 - Religion
How are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam similar and different?

Geoterms - monotheism, Torah, Koran, jihad, sharia law

Because this topic is not covered in the textbook, we will examine other resources to find our answers.

Investigation #3 - Cities
Where are primate cities located, and why are they important?

Geoterms - capital city, primate city, site, situation

Istanbul: A Primate City Throughout History
(Chapter 25, pgs. 369-377)
Investigation #4 - Water
How are humans affected by changes they make to their physical environment?

Geoterms - environmental degredation, groundwater, salinization, water stress

The Aral Sea: Central Asia's Shrinking Water Source
(Chapter 26, pgs. 379-387)
Investigation #5 - Israel/Palestine Conflict
Why is there conflict over this land?

Geoterms - Palestine, Zionism, Occupied territories, Six Day War

Because the textbook does not cover this topic, we will look to other resources for answers.
Commonly Referred to as "The Middle East"
Student Assignments for This Unit
Weekly Prezi check - Due Sunday night

Small reading assignments - Assigned in class

Investigative Reports!!!
Class time will be spent investigating our five topics and questions.

7th graders need to respond to all FIVE investigations. 6th graders need to respond to any FOUR of the five investigations.

Every investigative response must do two things:
1. Include all four GEOTERMS.
2. Clearly answer the investigative QUESTION.
Students will choose the FORMAT for their investigative responses. Possibilities include a blog post, poster (paper or online), video recorded with a webcam, Prezi, PowerPoint, or creative writing exercise.

A maximum of ONE response may be a paragraph written with pencil and paper.
Tentative Due Dates for Investigative Reports
#1 - Tuesday 12/17
#2 - Friday 1/10
#3 - Friday 1/17
#4 - Monday 1/27
#5 - First week of February
Investigative Report Rubric
Direct answer to the investigative question
(not simply a collection of facts) ____/ 7 points
Specific details from the textbook/resources ____/ 5 points
Demonstrates understanding of geoterms ____/ 8 points
Report format ____/ 5 points
(thorough, well-done, neat, complete, acceptable format)

Total: ____/ 25 points

Pinterest Board on Judaism

Islam Pinterest Board
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