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PluGo Electric

An exclusive business pitch prezi template for our fans!

Jaystine Ang

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of PluGo Electric

Executive Management
Novel and unique product design
Absence of stiff competition

Initial promotional pricing of S$12.99

Distribution of 100 samples to local homes for the aged
Valuable feedback
Test popularity and functionality of FreeFall

Conducted on 120 participants
Competitions / Target Groups / SWOT
Ranging from 50 to 65 years of age
Current Situation
In the context of Singapore
PluGo Electric

Polymer Selection
Material Selection
Magnet Selection
PluGo Electric
Hew Wei Jie
Chief Executive Officer
Defining the problem
Identify current problem
Research on problem
Select our target group
Conduct market survey on target group

Brainstorm for Solution
Team gathers to brainstorm for a creative solution to tackle the issue
Work out a preliminary product design concept
Seek improvement on design
Design team consistently discuss ways to improve on current design
Finalize our design idea
Send design sketch for 2D Technical Drawing & 3D Modeling
Material Design and Selection
Translation: Convert design requirements into function, constraints, objectives and free variables
Screening: Identify a subset of viable materials
Ranking: Ordering of the viable candidates
Seek supporting information on past history, availability etc.
Jaystine Ang Them Way
Chief Finance Officer
Lee Yong Kiat
Chief Operations Officer
Poh Ying Zhou Isaac
Chief Research & Technical Support Officer
1) Body and insulation

2) Attracting plates
Glue, stick

List of polymers
Thermoplastic elastomer(TPE)
Low density polyethylene(LDPE)
High density polyethylene(HDPE)

Mechanical properties

Tensile strength
Flexural modulus
Cost of raw material

Our Design Journey
12 weeks

From scratch to hatch...
Body and Insulating Sheet
High resistance insulator
Stiff and strong for supporting
But not brittle
Chemical and corrosion resistant

Thermoplastic Elastomer
High resistance insulator
Certain tensile strength
Very ductile
Chemical and corrosion resistant
Avoid permanent deformation (stretching)

How to achieve our unique design?
Unique shape of FreeFall©’s body and insulating sheet (flap door)

High cost of buying molded products from other companies (Dragonjewel Inc)

Mailbox sign
Disc stand
Our Solution
Cost of the machine
Sales of our product
Capability of production
Injection rate: 245g/s
Injection weight: 845g
Opening stroke: 280mm
Automatic production

Plastic injection molding machine
Products and Productivity
Desired shape
Massive production
Common Magnets
Ceramic(Sr) ferrite
Aluminium-nickel-cobalt (AlNiCo)
Samarium cobalt

Mechanical Properties
Maximum energy density
Residual flux density
Working temperature

Neodymium Iron Boron
High magnetic strength
diameter: 3.2mm
thickness: 1.6mm
Attraction force
0.8 pounds

Attraction Force Discussion
Limit 1: Connecting two layers of FreeFall© (overcome gravity)

Limit 2: Separating by small tripping force (approx 7N)
SWOT Analysis
Product Description
FreeFall© is an add-on to existing household socket plugs that will detach itself from the power socket when the user accidentally trips over cabling.

It comprises of 2 separate bodies connected via a magnetic force. This allows for the 2 separate bodies to be detached when a sufficiently large force is applied.

The photograph shown on the right illustrates a magnified view of our design model to better present a realistic impression of FreeFall©.
One of the
fastest aging
populations in the world

As of 2011,
352,600 seniors citizen aged 65 years and over
a total population of 3.79million

Make up about
of whole Singapore population
Design Model
Our Design Process
Executive Summary
Singapore-based company

Specialized in manufacturing of electrical components
Our Mission Statement
To provide high standard solutions to everyday problems through innovation and custom design, so as to ensure quality life of our consumers.
Skilled management team

Superior product quality
Careful selection of materials
Product innovation and quality control
Precision engineering

Highly portable and easy to adapt
Standardized socket size
Pioneer business venture
Lack of business experience, minimal finance and marketing knowledge
No prior association with relevant manufacturing industries and potential business customers

Brand power
Public caution when purchasing new unheard product
Potential for future product development
Universal plug
Supporting accessories

External funding
Government grants to encourage development of smart devices to improve home and community-based care
International crowd funding online platform
According to a study conducted by European Union
Possible bad reception from general public
Low sales output

Product imitations
Cheaper alternatives
Saturation of a similar product
Discovery & Validation
Outreach effort through social media

Setting up of company website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Online advertising
Refinement of Business Model
Branching out into various departments to specialize

Product improvement via
Online feedback system
Research & development
Market Growth & Sustainability
Expansion to a wider range of audience

Expansion of product base with wider applications
Universal plugs
Electronic products such as headphones

Improvement of aesthetic value

Profit maximization
Exit Strategy
Mature phase of our business
Engaging in innovation, sustaining growth, management succession

Worst case scenario
Facing declining sales
Extreme measures such as acquisition and merger
A solution is born... FreeFall©
Based on our survey results, we found out that 74% of our respondents encountered injuries pertaining to cable tripping before.

More than 60% of our respondents
are keen to acquire a product that can
reduce the occurence of cable tripping.

Forsee significant demographic shift in Singapore population in the next 40 years

Translate to higher dependency ratio on the working force
injuries amongst older people (60+) by causes of death
Fatal falls accounts for
28% of the total fatal injuries
amongst older people
Pricing Strategy
Places of occurrence
of non-fatal injuries among older people (60+)
Homes accounts for
47% of the total non-fatal
injuries amongst older people (60+)

These statistics suggest that falls may be
and have
severe consequences.
We provide solution to ensure the quality life of our consumers!
-Recall our mission-
To provide
high standard solutions
to everyday problems through innovation and custom design, so as to ensure
quality life of our consumers
To tackle the issue of injuries at home due to falls, we proudly present to you....
What is FreeFall©?
FreeFall© comprises of 2 main bodies joined through a magnetic force for easy detachment when a sufficiently large tripping force is applied.
What can FreeFall© do for you?
What is FreeFall©?
FreeFall© comprises of 2 main bodies joined through a magnetic force for easy detachment when a sufficiently large tripping force is applied.
Primary function
Reduce the number of falls at residential home
Reduce the severity of falls

Secondary function
Increase the lifespan of your electronic device
Reduce the possibility of dropping electronics (i.e. laptops & mobile phones) when tripping of cable
Industry & Potential Competitors
Venture into an industry of long history with strong competitors
Schneider Electric
Many Singapore SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise)
Target Consumers
Primary Target (The silver industry)
Elderly above 65 years of age

Secondary Target
Young adolescents (below 10 years of age)
Elderly may have mobility difficulties, thus may be more proned to falls

Young adolescents are potential targets of falls due to their active and mischievous nature.
Where? (to start)
Why feasible?
Limited electrical-related products catering for the elderly currently
Targeting specialized groups in Singapore

Home for the aged

Education institutions

Child-care centres
Wang Yueyin
Corporate Business Development & Marketing Director
We would like to thank Angel Investor for providing a start-up capital of $500,000 to begin our venture

Donations from Indiegogo
Start-up Capital
Start-up Costs
Technical Specifications
Magnets: Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet
Embedded within the main polymer body. Magnetic attraction of all 8 magnets attaches the 2 separate polymer bodies.
Expert Financing
To minimise processing costs, we will purchase a plastic injection molding machine.

Standard components (plugs, pins etc) will be outsourced to local companies
Round protruding part of body 1 fits nicely into the square concave part of body 2.
Metal pins of the plug allow current to flow upon electrical contact.
Elastomer: Thermal Plastic Elastomer
An internal auto sliding flap door by a spring mechanism to cover the exposed live wires
for safety purposes.
Manufacturing Cost Per Unit
Main body(60g of polypropylene) S$3.19

Insulating sheet(10g elastomer) S$0.52

Magnetic discs(8 pieces, pre-made) S$1.78

Other components(outsourced) S$2.21

Total Cost S$7.69

Polymer: Polypropylene
Main insulating body of the FreeFall©. Material is relatively strong, stiff, light and cheap. Can be colored.
Square concave part fits nicely with the round protruding part of body 1.
Estimated Profit Margin per Unit
Cost per unit Sold S$7.69

Retail Price Per Unit S$15.00

Profit Margin per Unit
= (15.00-7.69)/15.00 * 100% 48.7%

Sales Forecast
Optimistic outlook!
Positive public reception
Estimated 70,000 units sold per year by 5th year

Losses during first 2 years

Break even before end of 3rd year

Profits expected to soar by 4th year
Projected Profits
3D Imaging OF FreeFall
Right View
Back View
Left View
Company Valuation
The Board of Directors will have an annual review.

Annual audit and evaluation by ISCA (Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants).

Income valuation

Substantial start-up capital

Enough reserve to sustain our business for more than 2 years
Exit Strategy
Worst case scenario

Merger and acquisition by other companies

Company valued by assets

Buyout estimated to be $591,241
Survey of 120 participants

55% are comfortable with price range of $10-$20

Front View
Body 1
Body 2
Falling is never free,
But with Free Fall,
You will be free from falling!
Our Best Insulation, Your Safest Protection
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