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blair du

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of titanium

Our Slogan:

Don't be dumb, think with your cranium; when in need use
Information About Titanium
The Atomic Mass

The Atomic Mass is 47.867.

This Is The Element Song
Number of Subatomic Particles
There are 22 protons.
The Atomic Number

The Atomic Number
is 22.
Interesting Facts #1
Titanium is found in the earth's crust.
It is ranked 9th in terms of abundance.
Throughout the Apollo missions rock samples from the moon have titanium compounds in them.
Titanium has 5 isotopes
Titanium is known to be dimorphic which means it occurs in two crystalline forms.
Titanium is obtained from the two minerals
There are 26 Neutrons
There are 22 electrons
Interesting Facts #2
Compared to steel titanium has the strength but is 45% lighter
Titanium metal is the only metal that burns in nitrogen.
The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain is covered with titanium plated tiles.
100 grams of titanium costs $661 dollars.
Titanium oxide is often used to make rings, golf clubs, and tennis rackets.
Titanium is non-magnetic but is very good at conducting heat or electricity
The name titanium comes form the greek word
titanos (titans, first sons of god in greek mythology.
Melting Point
Titanium's melting point is 1,668 degrees C or 3,034 degrees F
Boiling Point
Titanium's boiling point is 3,287 degrees C or 5,948 degrees F
State of matter at room tempature
Titanium is a metal or transition metal and belongs to the 4 group on the perodic table.
Titanium Man
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