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Our Goal Today:

No description

Karen Strong

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of Our Goal Today:

Our Goal Today:
I can do research on the Internet to come up with solutions to existing problems

I can create a persuasive visual representation
You have been learning about some of the world's deserts
What is one of the
big problems that
people who live in
the desert worry
In low and middle-income countries,
1/3 of all healthcare facilities lack a
safe water source.
One in ten of the world's
people lack access to safe
Your job?
First: Identify the problem.
Go to water.org and
find 3 water statistics that
mean something to you.
Second: Find 3 solutions to water
scarcity in the world.

Example: Donate to a water charity
such as The Water Project. They
help dig wells, clean the water, build
dams and more to help communities
have access to water.
Take shorter
We live in the desert
Finally, create an icon.
An icon is a symbol that means
Here are some icons you may
Your icon should
represent something
you think people
should do to address
the global water
Lets get started!
Go to www.water.org
Record your three water
statistics on your paper.
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