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Green Technology

No description

Kaela McPherson

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Green Technology

Kaela McPherson
INF 103 Green Technology Geothermal Energy Solar Energy Wind Energy Energy Efficiency Review Topics of Discussion Wind Energy Solar Energy Geothermal
Energy What is Wind Energy? -Capture kinetic energy of the wind

-Turn it into electrical energy

-Turbines connect to utility grid

-Provide usable electricity Environmental Impact -2012, produced 3.5% of U.S. electricity

-2012, Iowa and South Dakota:
-20%+ electric power
generated by wind Wind Energy in the United States -Clean energy
-Produces no toxic
emissions What is Solar Energy? Environmental Impact Solar Energy in the United States -Simply put:
“using the sun as fuel to
create heat or electricity”

(United States
Environmental Protection
Agency, 2012). -2012: 76% growth in installed capacity

-President Obama's plan:
-double energy production from renewable sources by 2020

-Majorly utilized by
Department of Defense -Natural energy source
-No burning of fossil fuels
-Does not deplete any natural resources What is Geothermal Energy? Environmental Impact Geothermal Energy in the United States -Captures heat energy produced below the earth’s crust

-Layer of hot molten rock and lava

-Steam from naturally heating water drives electric generators -2012: installed capacity grew by 5%

-2012: 7 new projects became operational

-U.S. has "more geothermal capacity than any other country"

(Union of Concerned Scientists, 2009b) -Clean, natural source
-Free of toxic emissions
-No depletion of resources
-Can operate 24/7
(no waiting for wind or sun) What is Energy Efficiency? -"Using less energy to provide the same service"

-Example: replace incandescent bulb with compact fluorescent bulb

-Produces same amount of light; significantly less energy

(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2013). Energy Star LEED Certification Energy
Efficiency -Products

-Voluntary labeling

-Communication to consumers

-Highest energy efficient standards -Green building program

-Most renowned in the world The United States can become more environmentally conscious and self-reliant through utilizing wind, solar, & geothermal energies and adopting efficient energy strategies.
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-Wartime applications
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