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Disney Presentation

No description

Stephen Frisco

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Disney Presentation

The backdrop for Tarzan, including London, sea voyages and the jungle, are great environments to dictate the dramatic storytelling by utilizing the components of an immersive production

The creative vision begins with our first hand experience in what made Peter Pan successful Introduction J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan And Entertainment Services Who Robert Butters Amy Nederlander About AES Develops and distributes state-of-the-art immersive theatrical entertainment

Combines the very best of live theater, aerial arts, puppetry and advanced computer-generated visuals.

Presented in custom-made state-of-the-art tented auditoriums designed to maximize the comfort of and impact upon patrons.

Productions will tour worldwide including the United States, Asia and elsewhere. Tarzan Creative Vision (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Tarzan is a Great Title Content of the story lends itself to an immersive
environment, giving people an exciting and new way to experience a beloved story

The story of Tarzan is relevant today

Appealing family friendly entertainment title that is compelling for kids and adults

Opportunity to develop internationally and evaluate domestic potential Presentation Discussion Points Business Model
Financing & Use of Funds
Investment Strategy Why IEP? Industry leaders in the emerging immersive entertainment market

Successfully launched the first immersive entertainment tour in the US

Understand all facets of logistics and operation

Control the quality of the experience from the start to the finish

Global reach and planning A new way to tell old stories. Case Study: Peter Pan Provide tent structure and expertise

Provide ancillary revenue stream management

Relationships with local presenters

Handle logistics

Work with producing partners to develop shows for new media

Produce original content More Specifically: 5 U.S. cities
- Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Orange County, Boston

77 Running Weeks

Over 500,000 patrons Peter and The Wolf
(Fall 2013) Robin Hood
Spring 2014 Peter Pan Asia
October, 2012 And Entertainment Services About AES
AES Background
Case Study: Peter Pan
Content Pipeline Next Steps Content Pipeline J.M Barries Peter Pan Steeped in rich heritage, Peter Pan is a quintessential English story known and loved the world over.

It is a feel-good, wholesome family entertainment with a story narrative that lent itself to an immersive theatrical experience.

Conceived in 2008 by an award winning creative team and featured 22 actors, stunning puppets, epic music, and dazzling flying sequences. The stage was surrounded by breathtaking video, in the form of the world's first 360-degree video projection for live theater.

Peter Pan was launched in London in 2009 and the US Tour opened in San Francisco, CA for 19 performance weeks before opening in Los Angeles (14 weeks), Atlanta (11 weeks) Chicago (16 weeks), and Boston (11 weeks).

This production of Peter Pan toured in a 1,300-seat auditorium, an amazing custom made tented structure.Great reviews and press locally in the SF Chronicle, LA Times, the Chicago Tribune and nationally in the Wall Street Journal supported the Tour. The show played for over 80 weeks and to over 500,000 patrons in the United States.

The production averaged a 70% paid attendance, over $400,000 in ticket sales per performance week, an average order size of 3.9 tickets per order and an average ticket price of $61 per paid ticket. In addition to the commercial success of the show was a commitment to bring high quality theatrical entertainment to new locations and new audiences. The general principles for the production were:

by setting ticket prices lower than other Broadway and touring productions Peter Pan gives the opportunity for all socio-economic classes to enjoy the production. A $30.00 ticket price is offered for 82 seats of the house.

The content of Peter Pan is entertaining to children, parents and grandparents therefore prompting the whole family to attend. The story of Peter Pan is one that is known and told generation to generation.

Continuing on the tradition of J.M. Barrie and the Great Ormond Street Hospital, the cast visits a local children’s hospital in every city. The production also created an educational study guide designed by London’s National Theatre’s Educational Team as idea generator to promote reading and story telling to young students.

Other than the traveling management team, local staff is hired for the build, run of the show and move of the Peter Pan production; this creates over 200 local jobs in each city the production performs

The show will engage all local public transportation sources to develop discounted offers to promote the use of public transportation.

The show is generous and flexible with ticket giveaways, cross-promotions, and supporting all local vendors and partners and charitable causes. Peter Pan San Francisco - Ferry Park on the Embarcadero Peter Pan Orange County - Lawn of Segerstrom Center for the Arts Peter Pan Atlanta - Lawn of World of Coca-Cola 1.Affordable to a broad audience:
2.Connect with families who normally would not attend Broadway style Productions: 3.Work with local charities and school organizations on community outreach: 4.Hire locally: 5.Support green initiatives in regard to transportation: 6.Great partners to all local stakeholders: Ryan Martinez
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