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Graduate Tutor -One Year On

No description

Jonathan Moss

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Graduate Tutor -One Year On

Graduate Tutor -One Year On
I hope I have shown a strong return on investment and achieved the requirements expected of me

The last year has had challenges which have helped me develop on many levels and I know they will continue to do so in the future

I am proud to part of the scheme, I enjoy my role within and endorsing it.
September the 1st 2012
I had never taught a class
Had only been to SHU twice before
Held no qualifications in teaching
Held only aspirations of further academic study
Never attended an academic conference
Never published an article, chapter or book
The list went on and on....
The Opportunities and Challenges
Induction week(s)
Mixed Roles, Responsibility filtering
Communication between departments
Doing the PHD
Becoming a tutor
Working with a great, enthusiastic, experienced, caring team/teams
Autonomy, flexibility, individual...loneliness, isolation
Development over the 12 months
The new GTS & GDMP
2nd year awaits
PGCLTHE under my belt
Clarity of my role - acknowledgment/respect
Book chapter, journal article, conference(s)

And Beyond......
Stay on course for PhD completion
Help develop and maintain GTS reputation
Keep my CPD up
Keep developing my personal research profile/portfolio
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