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13 Reasons Why

No description

Katie Lynn

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of 13 Reasons Why

Hannah Baker
We listen to Hannah's last words on cassette tapes. The tapes were made the night before she commits suicide. Once we have heard the tapes, we feel sorry for her. We never know who Hannah truly was before the rumors started. She told us how she felt & what had happened to her. She threatened to release the tapes if the 13 tapes did not get passed along.
Hannah Baker
Bryce Walker #12
Bryce Walker is on this list for 2 reasons. He raped Jessica at the party. On another night, Hannah was walking down the sidewalk. She runs into Bryce and Courtney having an after party. They take their clothes off leaving only under garments on, and they get into a hot tub. Bryce then put his hand on Hannah's leg. He touches her sexually, but this time she just lets him. She turns her ahead away, crying. She states in the book, "His new rumor may now be true."
Bryce Walker
Tyler Down #4
Hannah was in her bedroom, when she heard a constant clicking. Hannah realizes she has a peeping tom outside of her window. She invited her friend Courtney over, so she had a backup who also knew. Hannah accuses Tyler of spying on her and stalking her. Courtney and Hannah surprise Tyler by pushing out the window.
Hannah blames Tyler for taking away the safety of her bedroom.
Tyler Down
Justin Foley #1
Justin Foley was Hannah's first kiss in the park. A kiss is a kiss, but Justin told his friends it was much more.
Rumors started that Hannah let Justin touch her up and down.
Justin Foley

Author: Jay Asher
Published: 2007

Alex Standall #2
Alex made a best butt/worst butt list. Hannah got put on the hot list and her friend Jessica was put on the not list.

Hannah was at a gas station when a boy harassed her by grabbing her butt.
Hannah felt as if the list made guys view her as an object.
It was like an excuse to mess with her that way.
Alex Standall
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis #3
Jessica and Hannah became friends through their counselor. Jessica and Hannah met Alex at a coffee shop. Jessica had a crush on Alex, but once Alex made the hot/not list, Jessica accused Hannah of stealing him away from her. Jessica then slapped Hannah leaving a scratch over her eye.

Hannah says that Jessica's scratch is more than a scratch: "It's a punch in the stomach and a slap in the face. It's a knife in my back because you'd rather believe some made-up rumor than what you knew to be true".
Courtney Crimson #5
At school, Courtney is looked upon as the nice girl. Hannah believes different.
Courtney betrays Hannah by telling everyone she has sex toys in her dresser
. Again, it's another rumor. When people are around, Hannah is "Miss Perfect". When no one is looking, she is selfish and conceded.
Courtney Crimson
By: Katie Lynn
Revolves around death
Clay Jensen learns that he is much more powerful.
He reaches out to a girl named Skyee at the end of the novel. Death teaches life is much more fragile & complicated.
Guilt & Blame-
Hannah wants the readers to feel sympathy for what her classmates have put her through. She makes other people feel guilty as well as her self
She wants people to know what they have done wrong, so they will treat others better in the future.
Respect & Reputation-
She is a target for rumors.
One way or another we have either spread, started, or have been a victim of a rumor.
Symbolism: TH
Death & suffering
Death to matter or oneself
Marcus Cooley #6
Marcus Cooley asked Hannah to go on a date at Rosie's Diner. She thought he had stood her up, but he came in 30 minutes late. He asked to sit in the back corner.
He then tries to force her to let him touch her.
She came on the date thinking he could help her trust issues. Wrong.
Marcus Cooley
Zach Dempsey #7
Zach has a Peer Communications class with Hannah. Their daily work is to write a note to yourself and keep it in a paper bag.
Zach steals her secret notes out of her bag.
She is completely suicidal at this time. Zach tells the teacher someone wrote a suicidal note. They then talk as a group about it. The whole class blames the anonymous note as an attention seeker.
Zach Dempsey
Ryan Shaver #8
Hannah and Ryan become poetry friends. Hannah becomes comfortable sharing her poems until he leaks information about one. "Soul Alone".
Ryan realizes she is talking about suicide and decides to release the poem to the whole school.
Ryan Shaver
Justin Fooley #11
The same night of the party, after Clay left Hannah in the bedroom, a couple comes into the room. Hannah quickly hide in the closet with the door cracked open. Justin Fooley let Bryce Walker and Jenny Kurtz into the bedroom. Jenny was unconscious, and Bryce took advantage of that. He raped her.
She blames Just and herself for being present at the time.
Justin Fooley
Jenny Kurtz #10
The night of the same party, Hannah was looking for a ride home. Jenny offered to take her home. Hannah fell asleep in the car, but she was woken up by Jenny crashing into a stop sign. Hannah begged for Jenny to call the cops, because the stop sign was completely down. Jenny refused and kicked Hannah out of her car because of the dispute. Hannah then walked to a pay phone and called the police. Little did she know, she as too late. A crash had already occurred because of the missing stop sign, and a classmate had been killed.
Jenny Kurtz
Clay Jensen #9
Clay Jensen has had feeling for Hannah over a long period of time, but he never speaks up to say anything. They both attend a party when they run into each other. They have a moment together in the upstairs bedroom. When things start to get serious, she thinks back to every guy who has sexually harassed her. She tells Clay to stop as she starts to sob. Then he is told to leave.
And he left.
Clay Jensen
Clay Jensen receives cassette tapes in the mail. He begins listening to them, and finds out Hannah Baker is listing what wrong people have done to her. Hannah Baker had committed suicide about 2 weeks before. If you receive the tapes, you are one of the 13 reasons for her death.
Rising Action
Clay is going through the 13 tapes. He starts to realize why she was acting so different before she killed herself. He learns in tape 9 that he is the only one she does not blame.
Clay's anger built up for the reasons of her suicide. Clay punches a fence cutting himself which is the peak of the story.
Falling Action
He realizes that she does not think of him as a bad person. He wishes he would have stepped up and talked to her. He wanted her to know he cared about her, but he never said anything to her.
Clay learns to be bold and not waste another day. He finally works up the courage to talk to a girl named Skyee. The book ends by him saying hello to her.
Plot Summary
Clay Jensen receives a package in the mail. As he opens it, he finds a set of cassette tapes. Hannah Baker, who committed suicide about 2 weeks before, recorded the reasons why she decided to take her life. Clay is one of the reasons. If he listens to the tapes, he will find out what pain he caused Hannah.
Cassette 1: Side A
Cassette 1: Side B
Cassette 2: Side A
Cassette 2: Side B
Cassette 3: Side A
Cassette 3: Side B
Cassette 4: Side A
Cassette 4 Side: B
Thirteen Reasons Why
teaches young adults to think about the way you treat others. It shows how much your actions can impact someone's life.
Cassette 5 Side: A
Cassette 5 Side: B
Cassette 6 Side: A
Cassette 6 Side: B
Mr. Porter
Cassette 7 Side: A
Mr. Porter is a guidance counselor at Hannah's school. Hannah gives life one more chance. She pretty much tells Mr. Porter about wanting to commit suicide. He fails to get her professional help. Hannah runs out of the room, and he didn't try to stop her. She wanted help, but no one would listen.
I believe the book is mainly targeting high school students. The book really teaches you how much of an impact you have on others. It also shows for adults too. Mr. Porter could have stopped her suicide. Adults need to understand that it is a concept young people can think about.
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