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No description

juan atienza

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of hitler

Hitlers army
Hitlers rise to power!!
Who is Adolf Hitler?
Adolf Hitler is a German politician and the leader of what is called 'the Nazi Party'. Hitler believes that there should only be one superior race, known as the Aryans (blonde hair blue eyes), and that jewish people are evil because they are taking over companies and businesses in Germany. they are the main cause of why so many german people are living out on the streets. his plan is to wipe them off the face of this earth and anyone that tries to rebel will be killed. Hitler is responsible for killing over 5 million jewish men, women and children and still increasing.
Hitlers childhood - adolescence
hitlers career (world war 1)
Because of his hatred towards the jewish, he used he's ability to persuade to his advantage so that he could start he's own revolution with the intent to wipe out the jewish race. Over the years he gathered German men and women and he is telling them what he believes is right, and then finally in 1933 he had a large enough army to begin he's rain of terror what we believe could start the next World War.
Hitler was born in Austria on the 20th April 1889. When Hitler turned three, he moved to a town in Germany. As a child, Hilter and his father would constantly be arguing. He became obsessed with warfare when he found a book about the Prussian War after looking through his father's belongings.
In 1897 the Hitler family moved back to Austria. After the death of Hitlers young brother (Edmund), on the 2nd February 1900, it effected him deeply.His atitude changed from being an outgoing, confident student, to a detached, dull boy who constantly pushed away anyone that tried to comfort him, this built up his anger overtime.
Alois wanted Hitler to follow in his footsteps and get a job in the customs bureau.Hitler told his dad he wanted to instead become an artist. Alois was completely against his decisions. In September 1900, Alois sent Hitler to the Realschule, Linz, in an effort to make him change his mind. Hitler rebelled against his fathers decision, purposely did bad in school. His wanted his father to see "what little progress Hitler was making" and he would let Hitler follow his dream.
In his late teenage years, Hitler developed a love for Germany.He showed complete loyalty to Germany and only Germany. He used the German greeting "Heil!", and sang the German anthem instead of the Austrian Imperial anthem.People began to notice Hitlers love for Germany.
After the death of Hitlers father on January 3rd 1903, Hitler's high performance at school rapidly deteriorated. Soon after, his mother allowed him to leave his home and follow his dreams. He applied at the Academy of Fine Arts, twice, and was rejected twice. broke and jobless, Hitler stayed at homeless shelter for a number of years.
During the times of World War 1, Hitler applied to serve for the German army. Even though he spent most of his time far behind the front lines, he was still in some significent battles. He was awarded for his bravery and received the Iron Cross, Second Class and then first class and also the black wound bagde.
During his service, Hitler continued his love for art, drawing cartoons for the army newspaper. On 15 October 1918, he was injured and became temporarily blinded due to a mustard gas attack and was sent to hospital. During his stay, Hitler was told of Germany's defeat and he was furious. He thought the Treaty of Versailles was stupid and if Germany was going to start a war, then they should have finished it.
Hitler described the war as "one of the greatest of all experiences". His time in the war made His 'German patriotism' grow and when he heard about Germanies defeat, he believed that the war wasnt over and because no one was doing any thing about it, he thought that it was his duty to finish what Germany started, but with his own little twist.
Hitler is a present threat and he needs to be taken out, we can not let his rain of terror continue, this will spark a evolution in the worst way. Injustice here is a threat to justice all over the world.

what he is doing to his victims
The begging of the end
gas chamber
the human oven
concentration camps
mass shootings in trenches
hitler puts his victims into a room naked and the ventilation disperses a poisonous gas into the air, if the gas is inhaled it will only take a few seconds to shutdown the brain and then the heart.
no one survives if they are sent here
soldiers would throw their victims into a room where the temprature is hot like an oven, they burned men, women and children
no one survives if they were sent here
a camp where large numbers of people are imprisoned in a very small area to work in forced labour or to be killed .its facilities are filthy and desease ridden. There are no known survivors yet.....
victims would be rallied up and sent into trenches where soldiers would shoot them from above.
no one has survived when they were sent here
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