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A Dwindling Race

No description

Ashley Rodriguez

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of A Dwindling Race

“This much is certain: the richest wildlife communities in Africa are found neither in pure woodlands nor in pure savannas, but in areas where the two general types of habitat meet and become interspersed with each other. Elephants are one of the most important agents influencing the dynamics of that mixture, and their activities generally increase the overall biological diversity of a region. Conserving elephants, then, becomes much more than an issue about how to protect a single great species. It is about protecting one of the forces that shapes ecosystems and helps sustain the wealth of wildlife found across much of the continent. It is about saving the creative power of nature.”
~Douglas Chadwick In the 1930's, there was an estimated 7-10 million elephants in existence. A Dwindling Race Today, there numbers have dwindled to a shocking 300,000. Their homes are becoming invaded
by poachers in... Botswana Tanzania Zimbabwe Kenya Zambia and South Africa Some ask... How can we help when
we are countries away? It's quite simple. Don't buy things that come from animals who were slaughtered for their natural treasures. All over the world, authorities are trying to stop the trafficking of ivory that happens within their borders. Malaysia Thailand Sri Lanka The Philippines Vietnam The Congo Thanks to the help of organizations such as WWF and CITES People have become more aware of this growing problem. These beautiful and magnificent creatures are in danger. They feel love and mourn loss. Help them from becoming merely legends and myths. When you help in America Someone helps in Thailand. And in Vietnam. And soon these gentle giants can be restored to their former glory. But one question remains... Will you help them? Elephants have always been seen as one of the most intelligent and beautiful creatures on Earth. In some cultures they are even portrayed as powerful deities. By Ashley Rodriguez In 2011, authorities seized more than 23 metric tons of ivory. This number equals about 2,500 elephants. Recently, PETA has been joined by actor Leonardo DiCaprio in helping the elephants. For information on how to help, log on to
wwf.org peta2.com or cites.org to donate towards protecting these beautiful creatures. Get involved in saving the elephants and the other animals who so desperately need our help.
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