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Taking Baby Steps with Node.js

No description

Jan Van Ryswyck

on 6 September 2011

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Transcript of Taking Baby Steps with Node.js

Taking Baby Steps with Jan Van Ryswyck .NET architect
JavaScript enthusiast Agenda What is Node.js?
Asynchronous I/O
Questions What is Node.js? Why JavaScript? Installation"select data from table"); Blocking I/O Initially only Linux and Mac OS

Windows is still work-in-progress (upcoming version 0.6)

Installing for Cygwin

Still issues? Non-blocking I/O"select data from table", function(result) {
// Process the result
}); JavaScript C Ryan Dahl - Node.js presentation Qcon November, 2010 <input type="button" value="My button" id="MyButton"/>

<script type="text/javascript">
$('#MyButton').click(function() {
console.log('Button clicked ...');
</script> Asynchronous I/O Example 0.1 Good, old-fashioned callbacks Example 0.2 Events, events, events Example 0.3 Example 0.4 Modules CommonJS

Node.js built-in core modules

Massive amount of open-source modules

Custom modules Example 0.5 Example 0.6 Thank you ! Tools Installing npm curl | sh npm

npm registry

documentation Demonstration node_modules convention n Installing n npm -g install n Demonstration nodemon Installing nodemon npm -g install nodemon Demonstration node-inspector Installing node-inspector npm -g install node-inspector Demonstration WebSockets Socket.IO Resources Example 0.7 The podcast module Our very own event emitter nodemon Managing different versions of Node.js node-inspector Simple chat server Callbacks Events Hello HTTP server Hello Node.js Node.js website


How To Node Up and Running with Node.js

Hands-on Node.js

Felix's Node.js Guide

Mastering Node Conclusion npm Node Package Manager What is an event loop?
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