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Freestyle snowboard aerial

No description

Julie Richard

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Freestyle snowboard aerial

What's up
Put on your snowboard, go down the hill, take the big jump, do your best figures and win an olympic gold medal!
An athlete must wear:
a winter coat
a balaclava
snow pants
warm underwear
First: get dressed

To practice aerial snowboard you must have:
a snow sport certified helmet
snowboard boots
a freestyle snowboard with snowboard bindings
an armor
Second: equip yourself
Everyone does 2 jumps
The 12 highest scores go to the semifinal
In the semifinal, they do 2 jumps and the 6 highest scores go to the final.
In the final they do 2 jumps and the highest score wins!
Now your ready to go!
The field
There is 7 judges that give a score on 10
The result is the sum of the 5 middle scores
The best you can do is 50.
Only the highest score in a round count
How to get points and win!
Always wear a snow sport certified helmet
Go only one at the time
Land on your feet not on your head
Keep safe
Just like this but with a snowboard!
Go and have fun!
Freestyle aerial snowboard
Because in Canada
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