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7. Australia and Oceania Geography

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Chris Kapuscik

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of 7. Australia and Oceania Geography

Australia and Oceania Unit
Physical Map
Political Map
What areas do you think majority of people in Australia are living?
- Majority of the population is located in East Australia
- Concentrated in the cities, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne
- About 85 % of Australians live in urban areas
The Great Barrier Reef
Uluru's rock
Australian Outback
Physical Features:

- Great Barrier Reef (largest living organism)
- Uluru (Sacred Rock for the aborigines)
- Outback Region (Dry interior caused in part by rain shadow)

- Aborigines are the oldest tribes of a region, practices the Dreamtime/Animism
- Many have now mixed with Europeans (cultural convergence)

- Australia:
a) European Influence (founded by the British)
b) Practice Christianity,
c) Buddhism from Asian migrations
Aborigine Man
Aborigine and Uluru, the sacred rock
The Dreamtime
Dreamtime Art
Dreamtime Art
Australia's Economy:

- Australia's a developed country with a market economy
- Majority of people work in the tertiary sector
- Mining
- Agriculture
- Tourism

New Zealand and Tasmania:

- Island Nations
- Economy Based on wool, meat, fishing, dairy

Australian Flag
New Zealand Flag
Aboriginal Flag
Pacific Region - Oceania
Major Economy of Oceania - Tourism

Found in the Pacific Ring of Fire

Easter Island - Settled By Polynesians, but deforestation and overpopulation led to the demise of a civilization

Three Main Regions:
1) Melaneia
2) Micronesia
3) Polynesia
Easter Island
Easter Island Part 1
Easter Island Part 3
Easter Island Part 2
Bora Bora Beach Resort- French Polynesia
Great Barrier Reef - Australia
Kakudu National Park - Australia
Milford Sound - New Zealand
Australia and Oceania
Maori Haka Dance
New Zealand
Maori Culture
Struggling with losing their identity, because of "Pakeha" the Maori word for white person.
New Zealand was settled by the British around the 1800's
Maori speak fluent English but the New Zealand government established government funding, organizations, schooling systems to encourage the learning and usage of the Maori language.
Today Māori make up 14% of the population
Maori Bumper Sticker Assignment

In your ISN's, design a bumper sticker to increase public awareness of Maori culture in New Zealand. Include an image and a "catchy" slogan on your bumper sticker.

Must be colored and Must show Effort!!!
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