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How To: Timecards

No description

Forrest White

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of How To: Timecards

How To Fill Out Your Timecards
Step One:
Head over to the Inside Page.

Step Two
Locate the CampusWeb icon and click it.
Step Three
Once on the CampusWeb login page, click "Student/Faculty Login."
Step Four
Login to CampusWeb using your six-digit ID number and five-digit PIN.
Step Nine
After you submit your timecard, make sure you are up-to-date with your target hours!
Step Five
Step Six
Step Seven
Step Eight
On the left-hand side of the main page, locate "My Timecards." Click!
Find the current week's timecard, and click on the six-digit sequence.
Once in the Time Card Entry form, use the drop down tabs to enter the date, start time, and end time of your work shifts. Make sure to save after each entry.
At the end of the work week, review your timecard to make sure everything looks right. Then, check the "confirm submit" box and click "submit to supervisor."
A Step-by-Step Guide to Filling Out Your Timcards Properly!
Remember: it is your responsibility to ensure that you're keeping current with your timecards and submitting them by noon each Monday!
Remember: fill out your timecard daily!
Remember: filling out and submitting your timecards in advance is technically illegal! Just keep up with them as you go.
Once you've submitted your timecard, your supervisor will either approve it or reject it. If your timecard is approved . . . fantastic!

If your timecard is rejected, you will receive word from your supervisor as to why. This will be done in the "notes" section of that week's timecard, as well as by direct communication from your supervisor.

If a timecard is rejected, you must correct the issue and re-submit the timecard within a week of its rejection.
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